Available for Adoption

*Potential Adopters: Please note that at this time we can only consider adoption to individuals who have been fully vaccinated against the COVID virus and are willing to offer a vaccination record. It is an essential part of our adoption process that we complete a comprehensive interview, observe the home environment and dynamic between household members and other pets, and thoroughly survey the home for safety and security. It is mandated that all volunteer staff that conduct these home visits be fully vaccinated, and to protect the health and safety of those volunteers as well as their families, we must require that all potential adopters and household members aged 16 and older be fully vaccinated. This is the only way that we will be able to open adoptions again which, until this point have been closed throughout the pandemic due to safety concerns. We have come to this decision exclusively as a result of our care and concern for the health of our volunteers and of course coupled with our desire to find the best placement for all of our dogs. Also applicants must be within a 2 hour driving distance from Chicago at this time.