How Can I Help?

Through the generosity of volunteers and donors, the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue helps Frenchies in need by providing loving forever homes.


We welcome Frenchie parents and Frenchie admirers alike!

Volunteer Opportunities

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, keep reading! If you’d like to reach out to our board members about specific skills you’d like to share, please go to our Contact Us page. Check the events page for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Application

We are excited that you are interested in joining our rescue and volunteering for the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue! Please answer the following questions so we can get to know you.




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How did you learn about us?

Do you have a reference that is/has been a volunteer or foster for CFBR in the past?

Have you volunteered with any other rescues or shelters in the past? What kind of work did you help them with?

What kind of work are you willing/able to do? (please highlight or check all that apply)

FosteringTransportation (to vet/picking up or dropping off dogs, etc)Working the CFBR booth at special eventsOpen to what may come up
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Please tell us about your experience with French bulldogs:

What pets do you currently own? Please include age, sex, breed, temperament, etc.

Please explain briefly what you know about French bulldog issues: include health, behavioral, diet, anything you feel is relevant.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

Tell us more about you! What do you want us to know?