We are excited that you are interested in joining our rescue and fostering for the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue! Please answer the following questions so we can get to know you.

    Please keep in mind, we are all volunteers who have full time jobs outside of rescue. Please allow at least 7 days to hear back from our Volunteer Coordinator




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    How did you learn about us?

    Have you fostered with any other rescues or shelters in the past? 

    How many French bulldogs or other brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs, Boston terriers, Boxers, or Bulldogs have you owned or fostered:

    Of those dogs what types of health/behavioral issues have they had?

    What pets do you currently own?
    Please include age, sex, breed, temperament, etc.

    Please detail your experience working with dogs in general:

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    How many hours per day will the dog be left alone?

    Where will the foster dog stay during the day?

    Where will the foster dog sleep at night?

    Do you have a dog door? YesNo
    If yes, do you control your pets access to it or do they have the ability to use it at all times?


    Veterinary Reference




    Breeder or rescue reference, or personal (someone unrelated) reference if you have no breeder/rescue reference




    Tell us more about you! What do you want us to know?

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