Please read the FAQs below before filling out an application to adopt a Frenchie. If you are seeking a breeder, please read below for ideas and references.


What is a typical Frenchie like?

Frenchies have some common characteristics just as all breeds of dogs do, but it’s important to remember that these characteristics vary from dog to dog. Certainly some characteristics can vary depending on the environment they live in as well as how they are raised. Frenchies are “people dogs,” and crave human attention. They do not do well left alone for long periods of time. They are smart, can be very stubborn and learn best if it is presented as a challenge or a game.  They do not do well with yelling. They make lots of funny noises like snoring and snorting. They will bark if there is a reason, but in general are not “barky” dogs.  They love to play, and if they don’t get enough attention can easily get into mischief. Frenchies are known for their “clown like” characteristics, and can keep their humans entertained for hours. Frenchies cannot swim. Their little bodies are so heavy in the front that they actually sink fairly quickly.  For this reason it is important to not leave them alone near pools or any body of water. They are also very heat sensitive, and can easily get into breathing distress or overheating in a very short period of time. Anything over 75 degrees or so requires caution.

Why are Frenchies so expensive?

Most French bulldogs are born through caesarian section due to the shape of their bodies.  Small litters of one to three puppies are common.

What types of health issues are common among French Bulldogs?

Frenchies can have breathing problems; sometimes they have an elongated palate that interferes with breathing and requires surgery.   They can have narrow nose nares, which also can inhibit breathing.  This can be corrected with a fairly simple surgery.   Back problems and knee problems are also prevalent.  Frenchies are extremely sensitive to anesthesia and it is important that your veterinarian be aware of this fact.

How big will a French Bulldog become?

French bulldogs can range in size from smaller (14 to 16 pounds) to larger (up to 30 pounds). The average size of a Frenchie is in the 22 to 24 pound range.  Females are in general a little smaller and the males have broader heads.

What are the breed standards for a Frenchie?

You can learn more about breed standards on the AKC website, www.akc.org.

Where can I find a good French Bulldog breeder?

Talk to other Frenchie owners to gather referrals. A good resource to learn about the breed and where to get your Frenchie is by visiting the Chicago French Bulldog Meetup Group.

Where can I find a trainer for my Frenchie?

We recommend talking to other Frenchie owners to determine the best trainer for all personalities involved. We’re partial to our Rescue’s president, Mary Scheffke. Mary is an excellent trainer in Chicago who knows the breed well and understands how they learn.

What is a typical lifespan of a French Bulldog?

A typical Frenchie will live 12 to 14 years.

My Frenchie has behavioral problems; what should I do?

Talk to other Frenchie owners to compare notes, find a good trainer and talk with your veterinarian.  Never use physical punishment.

What is the best type of food to feed my Frenchie?

The best food depends somewhat on what your dog likes, but grain free kibble is best.  It also helps with reducing gas.

Now what?  Where can I apply to adopt?

Download our application by clicking here.  When complete, please email the application in word form (or PDF) to Mary.  We will be in touch as soon as we can.