Cody is a 6 year old puppy mill survivor. She is a very easy going and calm dog. She is still learning to trust people, but she’s making progress everyday. She is still very unsure and gets nervous when adults walk up to pet her. She gets along great with my 3 children. She gets less nervous around them than adults. She loves to sit on the couch and sleep next to us when we watch TV. Cody seems to love all the dogs she has come across. She opens up to other dogs more easily than people. Cody gets along great with her foster, French bulldog brother. They love to run around the house and play together for hours a day! She watches his every move and then follows in his footsteps. For this reason Cody would be best placed with a family that has another dog. She likes to lay in the sun, chew on dog bones and learning to play with toys. She was recently spayed and had dental cleaning with a few teeth pulled. Potty training is still a work in progress. She is sleeps in her 6 by 6 x-pen at night and usually does not have any accidents through the night. During the day she needs to be taken out frequently with a lot of patience spent in the yard while she learns where to use the bathroom. She is also able to be left crated for a few hours during the day without accidents.

Cody is happy and seems confident running and playing in the backyard, but is still very unsure and nervous when out front on the leash. She still needs a lot of practice on the leash. She usually would rather just sit down and look around then go for a walk. Cody does not bark too often and is content when in her crate. She never whines or cries in her crate. She eats two meals at day without issues. She rides good in the car while in her crate. I know that with patience and time, Cody will thrive in a home and make a family very happy. Every day that passes she is learning about being part of a family, and life outside of a puppy mill, and she is enjoying it as much as we are! Our family even got our first few kisses from her this week!

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*All adoption fees include the dog being up to date on their shots, microchipped, heartworm tested and fecal tested, spayed/neutered, bed, collar and leash.