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  • Ideal home would be an experienced Frenchie owner
  • Someone who works from home
  • Experience with a dog with allergies

Get ready to have your heart stolen by this sweet boy. Toby is 33(ish) pounds of pure love. His floppy ear is only one of the many endearing things about him. He is truly a happy go lucky boy and ADORES people. We think that he is about 6 years old. Toby was an owner surrender, but we do not know much about his past. Toby currently lives with his foster brother who is a neutered male frenchie about a year younger than him. He has also visited with other dogs – both younger and older, male and female – and generally he has been okay with them as well.

Toby is obsessed with toys. All toys – he doesn’t discriminate. He loves the soft toys, balls, and benebones. You name it, he loves it and fetch is his favorite game. He will bring you a ball and demand your attention by pressing the ball into your shin, lap, you name it until you throw the ball. He received some new toys for Easter and he LOVES them. He is also your typical cuddle bug frenchie. Toby seems to have a permanent spot on the couch next to his foster mom and generally follows her around wherever she goes. He curls up next to her every time she sits down, follows her to the kitchen if she’s doing dishes, and stays in the bathroom while she showers. He loves being cozy and will find any blanket to snuggle on. He also loves sunbathing and will move around the house as the sun moves – searching for that perfect patch of sunshine. His foster home has a cooling bed on the balcony, which has become one of his favorite spots to curl up and keep watch on the neighborhood.

Toby and his foster brother eat in separate rooms. Toby is a smart little guy and realized that his food was different from his brother’s food. He got a little jealous at first, which initially led to some tension immediately after meal time. This has not been an issue for the last couple months and he is easily redirected after mealtime with a treat or a toy. Toby currently eats Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach and tolerates it well. He also takes Glandex twice a day for good anal gland health. Overall he is a GOOD eater and is highly food motivated.

Toby walks on a leash, but he can be incredibly stubborn when he is walking with another dog. He has not shown leash reactivity, but is curious about other dogs. When walking with his foster brother, Toby will sometimes stop and refuse to follow – firmly planting all of his weight into the ground (leading to air jail or redirection with treats). He is overall a good walker when he’s solo. Since he has been in rescue, he has been a trooper and has pottied outside in the rain and snow. He can do stairs but can also be stubborn and refuse to go up them unless carried. When Toby first came into rescue he had his brachycephalic surgeries done and was in a cone for 5 weeks. Between the cone and needing to protect his airways, he was carried up and down the stairs for a while – so he got kind of used to it! Luckily he is food motivated and will hurry up the stairs for a small treat. Even after his surgeries, he does snore, but it’s better than it was. His ideal home would have a fenced in yard, or a similar space available so that he could enjoy leash walks and also off-leash time (especially for a game of fetch!).

This handsome fella is partially crate trained and is an escape artist. He sleeps in his crate (next to foster momma’s bed) each night. He gets a treat when he goes in and sleeps with some of his favorite stuffies. He is a SOUND sleeper and sometimes (especially on those cold nights!) refuses to get up, even after his foster brother is up and about. He is not crated when alone, but his foster brother is confined to the kitchen. Toby has not been destructive and has not had any accidents when left alone. Crating him or gating him into a room caused him too much stress – even jumping baby gates or knocking them down to escape. He has been confined to a larger room or area, and has done well with that.

Last, but certainly not least, this sweet boy has allergies that will need to be treated for the rest of his life. He currently takes medicine three times a day, has his skin folds treated twice a day, takes regular medicated baths, and gets regular foot soaks. His eye has gotten one small ulcer, likely from scratching his face. His ears are thick and scabby. We don’t totally know whether it’s from allergies, gnats, flies, or other dogs. Toby’s foster mom is working on desensitizing him to people touching his face and his bottom (which is wiped regularly to keep it clean). He is not a fan and may try to eat the wipe or whatever you are using. He has made a lot of great progress and lets his foster mom wipe his bottom and massage his face to put his medicine/foam in his folds. His ideal home will have experience with allergies and be able to keep up with his current regimen.

Toby has made a lot of great progress while in foster – learning how to trust people and live as the playful pup that he is. His ideal family will have patience for this boy as he learns to trust the people that are helping him and loving him.

Toby has stolen the heart of every person in the rescue that he has met so far, and he is sure to steal yours. Are you his perfect forever home?

If you feel you are the ideal forever home for Toby- his adoption fee is $600, he is neutered, had palate and nare surgery, hw and fecal negative, current on heartworm meds, current on vaccines, microchipped and ready to find his forever home.

Adoption Fee: $600

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