I am loving my new life!  Look how happy and healthy I look!!
Hi! My name is Josie and I’m about 3 years old.The reason I don’t know my real birth dateis because I came from a puppy mill where birthdays didn’t matter.I lived in a cage and as soon as I was big enoughI was bred to have babies to sell.I suffer from a lot of allergies but I guess that made my old owners mad because they just ignored them and let me get sores all over my body and ear infections.They even kicked me so hard that they tore my diaphragm and some of my organs lodged around my heart and lungs.One day I was going to go to another mill, but a kind woman from a Golden Retriever Rescue saw me and saved me.She called CFBR and I went to live with a family who fell in love with me.I was half bald and covered with open sores so they took me topeople called veterinarians right away.(I had never met one but they are nice!)They treated my sores and sent me to specialists at Purdue University for surgery on my chest.When my old owners kicked me, my pancreas, spleen, uterus and ovary lodged around my heart, so it needed to get fixed or I would die.I came through the surgery with flying colors, but from years of neglect they found out I was deaf in one ear (too many untreated ear infections they said).I now see a specialist every month to treat my allergies and save my one good ear.I don’t have sores on my body anymore and my fur is soft and full now.I can hear pretty good now too especially when there are treats involved!I finally found out what love and a family is thanks to CFBR! When I go to sleep at night in my nice soft bed, surrounded by my canine brothers and sisters, and my new mom and dad, I pray other homeless, neglected, and mistreated Frenchies find a great home too!