Hank Update!

Today we found out Hank has spina bifoda -not a hemi BUT that is NOT what made him not able to walk! So today we did an MRI, as the specialists were curious to see if they could find anything else going on. At first, they thought he was not walking due to the spina bifoda-BUT the MRI showed something that has the specialist perplexed and curious. There are SOME CHANGES going on in his spine- they have ruled out any tumors but something is going on that they have not seen before.
Our plan of action at this time is to put him on steriods. if they are going to help, we should see changes in a week- this is a good thing. Mary will be doing e stem with him and some therapy exercises. We will be setting up an appointment with the therapy specialists that have done wonders with Hope. The specialist that saw Hank today feels there is hope that he MAY walk again- therapy, drugs and time will tell.
Our work is NOT done with Hanks’ journey yet! Donations will help pay for his MRI and exam and drugs today and as they come in- they will help with his rehab therapy. Keep those prayers and donations coming- let’s get Hank walking again! Thanks for everyone’s help and support.