Peggy was taken in to our rescue due to severe neglect. Every bone in her body was showing when she came into rescue. On a scale of 1-9, where 9 is obese and 1 is a skeleton, Peggy had a body score of 1. She was very very weak. I realize now how much Peggy was fighting for her life back then. In addition to her poor body condition, Peggy also had horrible breathing issues, an elongated palette and very tight nares. You could hear her coming from a block away. With the love and care of the rescue, Peggy has gained 6 pounds and now has a body score of 4-5. The rescue addressed her horrible breathing issues too. Her personality is completely different now that she is feeling good. Peggy is one happy girl, she is very bold, alert and very active. She loves to be the center of attention. She loves to go for walks, is very vocal and the boss of her three brothers. She is also known as Peggy Poo, and Pegalicious.