Mr. Dudley

He’s had a few different names but now he has found his forever name and his forever home! (Mr./Monsieur) Dudley (aka Goodsen aka Mr T aka #338) fits here like a glove.  Having lost 2 of our dogs in less than a year and one of them being the play toy for the others, we just knew we had to get another young, playful dog for the household.  Mr. Dudley has been the perfect addition to our home and we are back to being complete.  Rescuing a guy who lived his life in a cage at a puppy mill has been so rewarding already.  He just appreciates everything and is so loving and cuddly and full of inquisitiveness.  Having two Moms to spoil him doesn’t hurt, either! Dudley is as comical as any other Frenchie and maybe a little more.  His clumsiness allows for some additional laughter when he misses a step or crashes into a wall while running with the other dogs.  We think he’ll continue to improve with his coordination.  His foster Mom, Carla, has done an incredible job with him already and we are grateful that we have been chosen to continue on with him in his new forever home.  He can’t wait to see everyone at the next meet-up! Thank You CFBR for all the good that you do!  We are so happy to be affiliated with such a great organization.