My Thanks to the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue
I adopted Moujik, formerly known as Marley, on May 16th. He is now 8 months old. I have always loved the name Moujik, and for me, a French Bulldog needs a French name! In French slang Moujik means “guy” and how perfect for this little boy. Every Frenchie owned by the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was named Moujik, and Moujik 2 was the subject of the final portrait painted by Andy Warhol; the only dog ever immortalized by this famous pop artist.He is a smart and affectionate dog with typical high energy. He is so agile he can run fast and leap into the air like a gazelle! Being a typical Frenchie, he is willful and not without several “brat attacks” each day. In spite of his history of abuse and neglect, within the past month he is now thriving. Training is going well and he loves his new home and neighborhood. He walks up to total strangers, sits down, and waits to be petted; he also enjoys playing with other pooches. Every day he visits his friends at the flower shop next door and sits patiently waiting for a treat. When I take him out at 6 am, while most people are still asleep and before he goes potty, he rushes to the door of the flower shop for a treat.He is a total delight and already loved by many. He will certainly grow up to be a great Frenchie. I am so happy I rescued him.Moujik is pictured with his new best friend Christine, who owns the flower shop next door.