I adopted the infamous Moosie, and frankly I find myself very lucky everyday to have him in my life.

I work at Hightails Hideaway and we foster many dogs so I am quite used to falling in love with dogs that I don’t get to keep with me forever. However, something was very different when I saw the first picture of “male french bulldog with no name”. I was in love instantly with this huge chunk, bug-eyed, tongue-out, goof ball and I had only seen his picture.

So you could only imagine how I was once we got him. He was the first dog I checked on when I got to work, who I spent most my time with and the last one I said bye to when my shift was over. He helped me around the office, my phone was filled with pictures of us together, and all I could talk about to my friends and family was this goofy adorable foster dog at my work. He also became quite the Facebook sensation on our Hightails page! Everyone was asking when he would be available for adoption and that’s when I started to realize, wait, someone else is going to take this dog from me? I don’t think so.

So I started talking to Leigh about how sweet I was on the Moose man, and she helped me along the way a great deal to get him home to me! He loves his two brothers (my parents’ dogs, Dudley and Eddie) and is all about snuggling on a good cushion. He’s discovered many new things since being at his forever home. He’s not a fan of snow, but doesn’t mind the fashionable sweaters that comes with the season. He met a kitten! He was very careful not to scare him and very curious. But his puppyhood has definitely begun since being out of the puppy mill. He’s very curious of everything and everyone. He scampers around and plays with his brothers and teases them with toys. On Christmas Day he finally got to rip up the wrapping paper and was so happy!

He plays so well with other dogs and is such a snuggler. He makes me smile just by looking at him and that is what I think you want in a pet. I want to thank everyone who made this possible for us. He is truly a blessing. Even when he poops in the car.