Ivy, (formerly Starz), was a six -year-old puppy mill surrender.  From first time I saw her picture on the CFBR site, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.  In truth we were hoping for a younger dog, but she was just stuck in my head.  After about a week I showed her picture to my husband.  He agreed, we have to apply for her.  We were so happy when we heard that we were chosen to be her forever family!

When Ivy first came to us, she was very shy, she would barely leave her bed.  She did not like being held.  We discovered that if we loved on our resident pup, she would rush from her bed to join in.  She has grown to love our attention and now follows us everywhere.  All you have to do is smile at her and she rolls onto her side so you can give her a belly rub.  Ivy is a gentle soul, her calm is almost Zen-like, and she enchants everyone she meets.  We feel so happy and blessed that she is now living her best life.  Thank you CFBR!