Sunshine has been such a wonderful addition to my family! Since she’s been in our home she has successfully used the stairs, been a beautiful walker, and become best friends with my sister’s pup, Jacob! She even shares her crate now with little fred jr. They keep each other warm while mama is at work! She spent Christmas with me and my family in the suburbs and I was so proud of her-she fit right in with my family and the other 4 doggies! She hasn’t showed any aggression towards any dog or person she’s been in contact with! I’ve finally gotten her off the puppy food and I swear she’s got a lovely little waist now 🙂 Thank you so much for the crate- she truly loves it. I did wonder if you ever sent that bed to my apartment? I got a sorry we missed you post it from the mailman and am having trouble tracking what the package is. I hope all is well with you and your babies.  Thank you again for everything! -Lindsay