Miss Chatelaine

I am sad to announce that our little Miss Chatelaine, the French Bulldog, passed away last night at home, due to complications from kidney failure.Julie adopted her in August of 2007 from the French Bulldog Rescue folks, who had rescued her from a “breeder” a few months earlier.  They did a terrific job fostering her until she found the right home.  Dr. Julie did a stellar job nursing her back to the best health that was possible considering her already advanced kidney disease.   Shadow, renamed Miss Chatelaine, ended up with the nicknames Chat, Miss C., C, and was sometimes was also affectionately called Snorty Pants.  Chat’s personality really came out as she learned to play and have fun and be part of the family.  She would do the “riverdance” when playing, and was inevitably always doing something goofy and amusing. Chat’s last 2+ years were spent in a terrific home with all the food she could eat, fun, family, friends and different experiences…and something she surely never had before:  a lot of love and special attention.  We will miss you, Miss C.!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were very lucky to have you with us. Jacquie & Julie