female - young
Status: adopted

Age: Almost 2
Sex: Female
Cats: possibly if they are dog savy

Kids: 10 and older
Dogs: as long as they are not dominant or territorial
Housetrained: yes
Private Fenced-in yard: Not required- but would be preferred- she will take off if allowed off leash in a none fenced area

Special needs- Severe allergies -will need an owner with experience with allergies and her daily medical care for her allergies

Meet Zelda! Zelda is a sweet, spunky girl that turns 2 years old in August. She has been with her foster family since October of 2018 after her owner surrendered her due to her severe allergy related issues.

In her foster home she loves to snuggle with her foster parents and the kids (ages 4, 11 and 13). She absolutely loves people, even complete strangers! When going for walks she often tries to steer the group towards any other people who may be out for her to meet.

Zelda loves other dogs. She likes to get a little rowdy with the two dogs in the home (1 french-boston mix, and a lab-ish mix). They wrestle and chase and bark at each other. Zelda likes to run laps around the room and jump on furniture to burn off a little energy if nobody is available to play. Zelda has been told that she doesn’t belong on the furniture, but she is a bulldog after all, so she feels entitled to her own opinion. She isn’t really into playing fetch or chewing on toys although occasionally she meets a stuffed animal or squeaky toy that deserves a good roughing up. She also likes to sample the chewiness of children’s toys if they are left on the floor.

Zelda’s spunky personality sometimes gets her in trouble with other dogs. She is protective of her food at mealtime and can be a bit grumpy if the others come too close. She doesn’t growl or bite or even show her teeth, but she does become a little grouchy and may snap at the others to keep them away.

Zelda has also met cats and while she finds them a little suspicious, she doesn’t mind them being around her. She may try to play with them, but she hasn’t met one yet that wants to play with her.

Zelda is available for adoption now that she is healthy and has recovered well from her two surgeries. Her first surgery was for her palate and nares. Since having that procedure done, her breathing is better and much quieter. Her snorting is infrequent and her snoring no longer wakes the neighborhood although it is still noticeable when in the same room with her.

Her second surgery was to strengthen a weak patella on her left leg. The recovery was hard on her because she wasn’t able to play with her friends and spent a lot of time in her crate. But now she is able to run and jump and be the wild girl that she is.

Zelda’s allergies are the only remaining health issue. She is allergic to human dander and has food allergies as well. She is on a special diet for breakfast and dinner and can only have certain approved treats when she’s earned them. Zelda is bathed with a prescription shampoo at least once per week and treated with a spray conditioner for her coat on all the other non-bath days. This regimen keeps her skin and coat healthy and looking good. Zelda receives an injection every 4 to 6 weeks to help keep her skin from itching. She may need further allergy medicine in the future and she will be prone to allergy related infections that may require visits to a veterinarian.

Zelda’s ideal forever home will be one that has the discipline to maintain her strict bathing and food plan, but also has lots of time for attention and play. Homes with small children would be fine for her as long as everyone picks up their toys and likes to snuggle. Other dogs or cats are ok with Zelda if they don’t have dominance or territorial issues. Zelda definitely needs to be leash walked or have a fenced yard as she is very naughty off leash and likes to run.