male - puppy
Status: adopted

Woobsy is a 1 year old Boston terrier who is neutered, up to date on vaccines and has been kept up to date on heartworm prevention. He was born with swimmers legs in his rear legs and since I met him at 7 weeks his front elbows have never been able to extend or straighten. Swimmers legs is common in puppies where there is abnormal joint development and they are unable to stand on their legs, causing their limbs to be splayed out sideways where they waddle on their chest along the floor as if they were “swimming”. I met Woobsy through a backyard breeder who did not want to take care of his abnormalities. He came into my care at 7 weeks old and we started physical therapy right away. He has had water therapy his entire life (despite still hating swimming to this day) this enabled his joints to become used to functioning normally that later transitioned into standing and walking regularly in his backend. His back legs were taped when he was younger to help his hips align and build up strength and muscle tone. However, his front legs have never been able to extend fully despite my efforts and multiple orthopedic consults, 3 different orthopedic surgeons have told us there is nothing surgically that can be done. He is always in a downward dog position however he still walks on his front paws and his elbows do not drag. He has a front wheel cart that he is still getting used to, this cart helps take the pressure off his cervical spine that is caused by the constant downward position. He is able to go up and down stairs however his physical therapist recommended that he does this as little as possible to avoid any possible spinal injury. Despite his handicaps Woobsy is the strongest and fastest little guy I know. His back legs are pure muscle and if you see him play you wouldn’t even think there was anything different about him.

Woobsy has been on an oral joint supplement and vitamins since 2 months old. For now he only takes Joint Health by NaturVet level 2 with glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM from petco and Pet-Tabs Plus by zoetis with salmon oil on his food every morning. However as he grows he could develop different joint issues or pain that could require different or more extensive treatment or supplements. He also needs to stay in contact with his physical therapist, she is always coming up with new exercises and techniques for him to stay strong. Further chiropractic care may be needed in the future like acupuncture or frequent adjustments.

Woobsy needs someone who can help him with his handicaps at home as well as medically. Yearly xrays of his spine and joints may be necessary to monitor bone development or arthritic changes. As of now he has never shown any signs of pain. He loves to run around in a yard and play with his human or furry siblings. He has a doggy brother who is his best friends as well as meeting many different dogs who he does well with. However he is very hyper and some other dogs may not favor that. He’s grown up with small children, cats and even chickens. He would do fine in a household with other pets as long as they like to run and play like he does.

Woobsy is potty trained as well as crate trained. He is a wonderful cuddler but he is quite the snorer lol. He loves to sleep in the bed with his family but is content sleeping in his own bed if needed. He’s a great eater and very food motivated. He is very smart and can learn quickly, he has a great recall. He loves short or long car rides and typically spends them looking out the window or laying in his bed in the backseat.

Woobsy would do well with you if you’re able to spend most of your days at home with him playing inside or outside. He enjoys having somebody home with him, he stays in his crate when I leave the house because he can be very curious. Because of his bubbly personality he wants to be able to play and run freely in the house or outside all day instead of waiting for you to get home.

Woobsy is looking for a forever home who will continue to work with his physical therapy- work with him with his front wheelchair that was custom made for him and who works from home preferably. Also if you have stairs in your home-you will need to be mindful of making sure he doesn’t fall down them. His adoption fee is $450 and he will come with a bed- harness- some of his toys- some of his current food and his custom made wheelchair. If you think you are the ideal forever home for Woobsy- please complete our online application.