female - adult
Status: adopted

23 LBS
Fenced yard required
Would like a frenchie as a sister or brother
Someone who works from home
Cats- probably no
Children 10 and older

Wilma came to us from the Kankakee IL animal control.

Their previous owners decided that they no longer wanted them and dumped them on the side of a rural road in Kankakee with a pile of dry dog food. It does not seem the girls were there long before they were taken in by animal control. They had to wait out the mandatory hold time and neither was micro chipped. The animal control was nice enough to release the roadside divas to the care of the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue.

Our director picked them up as soon as the hold time expired and whisked them to our veterinarian to be evaluated and have all of their medical needs evaluated. They were dubbed Wilma and Betty after the famous red head and brunette of Flintstones fame.

MEDICAL: Wilma and Betty received all of their vaccinations, were spayed, and had dental cleaning/ extractions as necessary. Both girls were treated successfully for whipworms (confirmed by retesting). Also she is heart worm negative and was micro chipped.

Wilma was very dirty, had a sore on the top of the base of her tail, which looks wonderful now and is all healed.

PERSONALITY: We have no idea what type of a home Wilma and Betty came from, but it is clear they got very little attention. When they initially arrived at their foster home, they were rather shut down and would flatten themselves when anyone tried to pet them. They both cowered in one cage. Once they got acclimated and realized that their foster home and mom were safe, their personalities really started to come out. They ran, jumped, played, and chewed treats and nylabones with gusto.

Wilma is a high to medium energy, athletic dog. She is just a tad more independent than Betty, but does love to have her belly rubbed and when she is tuckered out, likes a good snuggle. She will do so once she gets acclimated and knows she is safe.

We decided to move Wilma to another foster home with a well- behaved, laid back, and playful Frenchie and she is doing great with her. The two girls were bonded, but seemed to absorb each other’s nervous energy. It was clear that both could benefit from separate training and would be better balanced with a “chill” foster sister or brother instead of feeding off of each others fears and anxieties.

NUTRITION: Wilma is on a Fromm Chicken kibble mixed with wet food, getting 1/2 cup 2 x per day mixed with a bit of wet food. She is a fast eater, so we usually soak her kibble in water overnight. This helps prevent bloat because the food has already expanded prior to digesting it.

Wilma is not completely housetrained which is more a factor of her being on antibioticst o clear up her skin-they make her drink and urinate more frequently. WILMA WILL NEED TO BE KEPT ON A HIGH QUALITY FOOD TO KEEP HER SKIN IN HEALTHY CONDITION. She will also need someone patient and understanding of her potty training-it is getting better with consistency and having a foster parent who works from home and a older resident frenchie helping her learn about going outside to potty.

Adoption fee includes her being spay- up to date on shots- micro chipped- fecal and heart worm tested as negative- bed- leash and harness.
Adoption fee is $750