male - young
Status: adopted

My name is Willie! My foster family sometimes calls me Sir William or just William. I love all my names! I am a caring, loving and playful 2 year old Boston Terrier.

Since being at my foster home:

I made a lot of new friends, dogs, cats, adults and even little kiddos. I just love everyone and everything.  Sometimes I get so excited when meeting new people that I try and jump up so high so they can see me, and it works!  I also try to lay down super-fast so they can scratch my belly, and oh boy how they fall for that every single time.!!  What can I say, I’m just that stinking cute.  I do pancake  (fall to a laying down position) if someone approaches me really fast, I guess I still get a little nervous, but I am working on that. And what I love THE MOST, is when I am picked up and I can lay in your arms and just fall asleep, it’s the best.

I also learned how to use the bathroom outside like my foster brother. It was a little rough in the beginning, I had a couple accidents inside (don’t tell anyone!) but I quickly learned from him, he showed me the ropes. Now I am a professional!

I am also crate trained as they call it.. but I call it my secret hideout. Shhhhh. Sometimes I play hide and sleep in there. I don’t mind it one bit.

I do have a pretty nice num num schedule. I eat two times a day (Breakfast and Dinner) little over a 1/2 of a cup. I find it easier to eat out of a elevated dog bowl or a bowl that doesn’t really move. I get startled sometimes when the bowl moves and makes that loud noise!! Other than food, I get treats throughout the day of course! My favorite part!!!

I can go on and on about myself but here is what my foster mommy says about me:

“Willie is such a lover boy. He is always on the hunt for cuddles and snuggles from everyone! Whether its outside relaxing in the sun or sitting on the couch watching a movie with you. He does love his own bed at night as long as it is next to yours. He is the true definition of a best friend.  

He really likes being outside, sunbathing or having his occasional zoomies where he’s running around, jumping in the air to do 360s, and random nose dives. He’s is one special boy and I love watching him be himself. He definitely acts like a puppy, so puppy proofing and chew toys are a must. He loves plush toys with squeakers in them, tennis balls, and especially Nylabones. He is crazy about them.  Health wise, I did learn that he does get a little itchy at times. After one Cytopoint injection and a good bath, he has been doing good so far.. but when it comes to nail trims..he can be a bit dramatic, he’s not really a fan of them so go slow. He does love his bath time. He can be a bit rowdy at first, but he settles in once he feels the warm water on him. Also, Willie is a bit of a detective when it comes to hiding medication/preventions. I learned that peanut butter doesn’t really work, he licks the peanut butter and spits out the tablet/chew. He is so funny, smart, and sneaky!! But if you wrap it up in a little bit of cheese, it’s done for 🙂 Training wise, Willie does know how to sit pretty well and walk on a leash. He can get a bit excited so you might have to tell him a few times to sit or call his name on walks for him to refocus, he is still working on it. Overall, He is going to make his forever family so happy!   His ideal home would have another dog to play with. A fenced in yard would be great but not a deal breaker. He’s used to kids of all ages and is great with them.

As you can see everyone, I have come a long way and it’s only the beginning. I can’t wait to have a family to call my own!

Willie’s adoption fee is $900, and he is neutered- up to date on his vaccines- micro chipped- HW negative and current on his heart worm preventative. He comes with his bed- leash- harness- blanket- a few toys and some of his current food.

Please remember we are a small regional rescue, and our adoption area is within a 2-hour drive from Chicago.