female - adult
28 lbs.
Status: adopted

Name: Victoria (aka Vivi) Age: 4.5 Weight: 28lbs
Temperament: Snuggle bunny with a side of zoomies

Vivi came to CFBR from a mill. She was overweight, had a terrible time breathing, awful breath, and just absolutely horrific ear infections! We’re happy to report that in foster care, Vivi has lost 10 pounds, gotten a spay, dental, and her ear and skin infections under control. It was especially important for Vivi to lose weight as she was born with a spinal defect. This does not affect Vivi in any real way. Sometimes she will stick her left hind leg out behind her or do a little hopping run, but she is fully mobile and the vet thinks she is doing just fine having lost some weight. She will need to remain on a joint supplement to help with her wonky hips, but she can zoomie with the best of them! Her perfect home would have few stairs (she can do stairs but steep steps are tough for her) and a fenced in yard.

She is doing much better now that her breathing is corrected and she’s gotten some pounds off, and now she loves to go for walks. She gets so excited when it’s time to put her harness on!! She is still working on her leash skills and likes a slower meander to smell all the smells.

If you want an office buddy, Vivi is your gal! She will hang with you all day long, chewing her bones, and snoozing next to your feet. And if you want a champion snuggler then look no further! Vivi LOVES the couch more than anything. She will do best in a home that will let her up on the furniture for some good, long Netflix binges. Vivi is totally a velcro dog. She doesn’t like to get too far out of your sight. If you do find that she’s not next to you, you better go check on her – because she might be up to some mischief (she loves to carry around socks and slippers 🤣). She also loves chew toys and will chew on anything she thinks might be a toy (this includes shoes and slippers!). Making sure she has plenty of chew toys will be important in keeping her happy but be careful, she has done a little growling at the resident frenchie in the home if she thinks he’s coming too close to one of her favorite toys.

Vivi currently lives with a foster Frenchie brother and gets along great with him! Heads up, though! If your other pets don’t finish their breakfast Vivi will be very happy to help out! There was a reason this little chunk was overweight! She LOVES to eat! She is super food motivated. Vivi normally eats in her crate as to avoid any squabbles over food. If it’s that time of the day and she sees you preparing her food, she will be waiting at her cage for her meal.

Vivi is potty trained and Crate trained. All you have to do is say “CAGE!” and she will run to her cage and wait for her treat because she always gets treats when we do this. A yummy treat is the best motivator for her (are you surprised?) She is a routine pooper. She wakes up around 6:45am and runs outside to, pee, comes back in to scarf her food down and then she’ll go back out to poop. You have to keep an eye on her because she will eat her poop if you don’t distract her right away. Also, if she doesn’t poop in the morning you should keep a close eye on her because she might have an accident in the house. This has happened only a couple times and usually when it’s raining out. It takes some encouragement to get her to do her business when it’s raining out but she will eventually go if you keep telling her to go potty.

Vivi is crate trained and never messes her crate. When her foster fam has to leave the house Vivi stays in her crate. At night, she sleeps in her crate currently, but we know she would LOVE to sleep in the people bed with you. This is a girl who cherishes every comfort!

Vivi does very well with the two young(8yr)children in her foster home. She is playful and loving and funny with them. If she ends up in a home with children, the family should be aware that she does get a tad protective over whatever toy she may have or even protective over her main human she’s bonded to. When snuggling with her human on the couch, she has growled in a protective manner if a child approaches her human. She gives a warning sign so you can make adjustments and it has never progressed beyond that. She also will definitely pick up kids toys and stuffed animals and chew on them so keeping the floor tidy is important to avoid her hurting herself by ingesting something and destruction of belongings. Children 8 and up would probably be ideal.

Vivi’s ideal home would have a fenced in yard and people who will spend as much time as possible spoiling and snuggling her. She would do fine in a home with other even-tempered dogs. She does have a high prey drive so homes with small pets (rabbits, hamsters) would not be a good fit. Vivi does not know her own strength and she loves everyone SO MUCH she could easily knock small children over with her exuberance. Vivi gets so excited for human pets that she goes a little bonkers trying to get up onto your lap. She’s learning to ask politely for pets, but she just loves people so much sometimes she forgets. Her new home will have to continue teaching her that its not okay to cannonball into people’s laps.

Vivi is an amazing girl who spent the first four years of her life neglected and in pain. She has the sweetest most expressive face and will make someone the most perfect companion. Please note, Vivi is not small enough to fly under an airplane seat, so if you want her to travel with you it will have to be by car or, better yet, RV. Vivi does great in the car once she gets over her initial excitement. If Vivi sounds like the peanut butter to your jelly then fill out an application ASAP!

Victoria-aka Vivi’s adoption fee is $700- she is spayed- had a dental- microchipped- palate surgery done- comes with a bed, harness, leash and some of her current food.