Victoria Beckham

female - puppy
Status: foster

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Age: 6-7 months
Sex: Female
Cats: NO
Kids: Yes, 10+
Dogs: No
Housetrained: Almost there!
Housing requirement: Single family home
Private Fenced-in yard: Required

This is Victoria Beckham, one of the Texarkana 23 puppies. She has recently been neutered, wormed and microchipped.

Victoria, simply put, is a sweetheart. She loves to cuddle and gives lots of kisses. She’s fairly timid and a little shy at first but is quick to love if given the chance. She will just sit, quietly, chewing a nylabone for hours, however she a destructive force when given a soft toy to play with. She will pick it apart thread by thread.

Victoria is in the process of being leash trained and potty trained. She usually goes inside on a pee pad but still has occasional accidents on the floor to the chagrin of her foster mom. She currently lives with her foster brother The Rock, (another Texarkana23) and her big brother the resident frenchie Morty. Unfortunately, Victoria does not get along very well with other dogs and still needs to be socialized more, which her foster humans are working on doing. Its mostly anxiety because of her rough history of being one of the smallest dogs in a crate with bigger dogs.

Victoria is a sweet little angel who has plenty of energy and even more love to give. She still has a way to go with being potty trained and socialization with different dogs, but you couldn’t ask for a sweeter girl to add to your home.

Victoria would do best as an only dog with an owner who would continue to work on her socialization with other well behaved, balanced dogs as she continues to grow and develop. She is also not a fan of stairs & still needs to be carried down at this point.

As with all the Texarkana23 puppies, Victoria Beckham had a rough, scary start in life, but has put all of this behind her and is ready for her forever family to welcome her home.

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