female - adult
Status: adopted

Hi all, it’s me, Valerie! I know it’s been a while (CFBR saved me in March 2021!), but I am finally ready to start accepting applications to find my perfect forever home! Before I get into why I am an absolute gem, I need to be upfront and honest with anyone interested in applying for me; due to my significant medical history, my forever home will need to be 110% willing and ready to take over all my medical needs, without fail – it’s hard to do my own eyedrops without opposable thumbs. If my medical needs are not taken seriously, my skin and eye condition will deteriorate, causing even more issues. More to come on that.

So, for the fun stuff! I am a total toy enthusiast, an attention seeker (i.e., I will follow my person around), and a play-hard/sleep-hard kind of girl. I am great with all ages and don’t jump or bark at humans or other dogs. It should be noted though, that when I am in “play mode” with my toys, I sometimes get too excited and can be protective of my toys; now, I’m not aggressive – like ever – but if a small kiddo tried to grab a toy out of my mouth while I am playing, I may continue to chew and be mouthy at my toy, not realizing a tiny finger is in the way. With that said, it’s best that my forever humans don’t have small children and/or don’t have small children around a lot. Also, side note, I get car sick (see below), so it’s important that my forever family isn’t planning on me being a travel companion.

Although I do enjoy going off and playing by myself with my toys, I would do best with another dog in the family; I tend to pick-up and follow the behaviors and tendencies of other dogs, so having another canine mate around will allow me to grow and learn from their good behavior.


If you have been following my story, a more recent development is that I had to have one of my eyes removed. It obviously wasn’t my first choice, but I can still see out of my right eye, even though my eyesight is a bit limited. I also have been diagnosed with a (left leg) luxating patella, but it’s not chronic (woo!) and seems to only “flare up” when the weather is super cold.

Now for the medical necessities. I swear, it’s not that bad once my people get into a groove and stay on a routine!

  • 4 eye treatments (1 – 3 times, per day) – but remember, it’s only for one eye!
  • 1 skin treatment spray, once a week
  • 2 prescription medications (once a day & twice a day)
  • 1 medicated bath, per week
  • 1 ear treatment, per week
  • 1 daily eye wipe
  • Monthly flea/tick + heartworm treatment (topical)
  • Car sickness medication (any time I have to travel over 20 minutes)
  • *Follow-up appointment, twice a year with a dermatology specialist
  • * Follow-up appointment, twice a year with an eye specialist
  • **Prescription food – dry & wet

*A non-negotiable of my adoption will be a scheduled follow up appointment with both my dermatologist and ophthalmologist.

**I am on a strict prescription food diet with very limited selection of other foods that have been introduced. Since small children tend to drop food on the floor, this is another reason why small children in my forever home are not ideal.
Since most of my conditions are chronic, my medical needs will be a lifelong commitment for my forever home.

Just a few more notes to round out my bio! Age: approximately 7-8 years old, give or take. I am a super dog when it comes to taking my medications and doing treatments; the only treatment I will give you hassle is my ear treatment, but we get it done (sigh). I do enjoy a good snuggle session with my people, but don’t expect me to be a total lap dog – I have a lot of days to make up from being a mill mama for so long! I am totally potty trained, and if you’re around, I will usually come up to you and lick your leg or stare at you, letting you know I need to go out. My foster mom says it’s not a total science, but it works for me! However, I do have common signs/symptoms of urethral incontinence. This means that there can be spotting of urine when I get up from sleeping or being totally relaxed. It’s not all the time, and if I am taken out every few hours, no issue! Due to this and my allergies, my bedding will need to be washed on a regular basis.

If you think that I will fit fabulously into your home, please fill out an application telling me why you think you’re the perfect forever home. I’ll be waiting!
Until then,
Valerie xoxx

Valerie is looking for a forever home that is familiar with dogs who have allergies and need a lot of attention to all their care. In return, she will give you lots of love and laughter. Because she is a current patient with her dermatologist- you will not have to get on a waiting list to keep up with her timely recheck. Her adoption fee is $300 and she will come with a leash, harness, bed, her current prescription food and meds along with her medicated shampoos and wipes and spay and eye treatments.