female - puppy
Status: adopted

Age: 11 months old
Sex: Female
Cats: No
Dogs: Calm playful well balanced French Bulldog as a sister or brother
Kids: Yes, 8+
Housetrained: Almost
Fenced in yard: required

Tori had a rough beginning in life and needs a home that will work with her quirks and offer her lots of praise. Tori is 11 mos old and is sweet and loving and excited to meet people; so excited she will urinate a little. This is something she may outgrow as she matures and builds confidence. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. When Tori is playing with a ball, she becomes very focused and will push the ball under whatever she can to challenge herself to retrieve it. Be prepared to be her retriever of balls under the couch or chair that she’s pushed out of her reach and she calls you for help.

When it comes to plush toys, she will happily shred them and remove any squeaker that may exists. A chew bone will keep her happily entertained anytime. Tori loves to snuggle and will sleep on your bed with you. She stays crated for short periods of time while her people are away (2-3 hrs).

When she first came to the rescue, she had the idea that she can only poop in the house. She has had some consistent training by her fosters and she’s done great at pooping outside so I can say she’s 95% house trained. Tori does well with other dogs that are nonthreatening and calm. Her first introduction to another dog can be tense, but will result in playing. She is reactive to hyper or high energy dogs and will bark and scrap with them. She reacts to and will bark at new noises or sharp noises too. Tori is only protective of her food when other dogs are nearby but not with people. When Tori rides in a car she is tense and not enjoying the experience, yet will settle with time.

Ideally Tori would do well with a home that has some experience with French Bulldogs and has a calm yet playful resident dog that Tori can learn from. Tori loves all people and children yet will jump up and may knock small children down, so no children under 8 yrs old. This girl is the sweetest and just needs to know she has a family that understands that she needs support and love. If you feel you are the ideal forever home for sweet Tori; please fill out an application.