male - young
40 lbs.
Status: adopted

If you like your pups big, Thor is your guy.  He’s 4 years old and weighs in at a muscular 40lbs!  He is a very happy boy.   He can be a little shy when he first meets you but give him a few minutes and all 40lbs of him will be crawling up into your lap, happy to chill with you and take in some serious TV watching or just plain snoozing.

Thor’s favorite things are playing with toys, especially his green ball!  He loves it when his foster mom plays catch with him. He loves going for walks but needs structure and a strong hand or he will be walking you! When he’s on walks with his foster mom she makes sure to pull him to one side or cross the street if another dog is approaching.  

This hunk of love needs to be the star of the show. He does NOT like sharing the spotlight with other dogs.  He doesn’t get along with them at all. He will be so happy to be the only dog in your home and will give you the love of three dogs if you let him.  

It’s important to know that Thor has a very large and wide tongue, so his breathing can be a bit heavy.  When playing he must take breaks to settle his breathing.  He can be a tad OCD when it comes to balls and toys and doesn’t always know when it’s time to relax, but he is very good about giving up his toys when it’s time for a rest.

Thor does have food allergies and is on a strict diet of Zignatures Kangaroo diet.  As long as you feed him this, he promises to have good poops.  On any other food he gets an upset tummy and the messy kind of poop. Yuck!!  We think Thor knows that male kangaroos are big and strong and that’s why he does great on that diet!  What do you think?

Thor does well with older children but would appreciate a quieter home instead of a busy one.  Could you be the one who opens your heart and home to this handsome hunk of love?

He is potty trained, crate trained, neutered and up to date on all his vetting.  He will come with his harness, leash, bed and some of his food.  He wants you to know he WILL be bringing his green ball, as well as all the valentine gifts he received.