Teddy Bear

male - puppy
Status: adopted

9 months old
potty training-still a work in progress
Needs another frenchie sister or brother in his forever home
Fenced yard required
Still in the chewing stage
Children- 8 and olderr

CBFR is lucky because we only seem to get the MOST AMAZING DOGS IN THE WORLD, so it will come as no surprise that Teddy is the MOST perfect, sweetest, loveliest, happiest Frenchie puppy you could ever even imagine. Teddy is 9 months and came to us from  a commercial breeder.  When we got him were told he was shy and reserved. . .that last for about 10 minutes and then BOOM – out came Mr. Personality!  What that means is that Teddy shows no signs whatsoever of coming from a breeding kennel. He eats well, is well socialized with all kinds of people (and kids)LOVES other dogs and is remarkably healthy!  The joy of this specific case is that Teddy is so young, his forever family will be able to enjoy everything that comes with puppydom and none of the baggage of his past – which is just so amazing.  

Teddy would VERY, VERY much like a dog brother or sister.  He gets very lonely if he is alone and equally as important is that his older Frenchie foster brother or sister has been essential in teaching Teddy super important manners like where and when to potty and how he should interact with other dogs.  Because Teddy is EXTREMELY playful his foster brother had to tell him how much of that he was up for and when he had had enoughand Teddy took and learned those lessons extremely well.  Teddy is also completely submissive at this age which makes that conversation easier.  He is also very smart and remarkably obedient when we correct him – we have a really old dog at home and Teddy has learned to leave him and his food alone (it is so super sweet).  He also learned how to sit and play fetch in a blink of an eye!  I would strongly recommend that his forever family take him to remedial dog training classes.  I believe he is smart enough to be well trained and because he is super fast and loves to run, that training will be essential to keeping him safe.  

Yes, Teddy is energetic and playful, but like a baby, only that way for short times and then he falls down wherever he is and sleeps.  😊  He would do best in a home with a securely fenced back yard so he can burn off some energy. 

Since Teddy is again, a puppy and exploring his world for the first time and he is teething, EVERYTHING goes in his mouth.  He really needs to be watched at all times as he consistently will want to chew on cords or eat whatever is on the floor whether it is food or not (he is particularly fond of eating wood chips and as of today, snow).  It is why we keep him in his crate at night and when we are not home.  He is making great progress with diverting his chewing to his toys and bones (he is just so eager to please).  He does very well in the crate and is crate trained, although he will cry and howl unless there is another dog/human close by.  

Teddy is doing great on his potty training but still has a way to go, so his new family will have to have patience and be dedicated to finishing this training.  

Finally, Teddy currently has “floppy” ears – we are unclear if they will stand up when he is done teething.  That said, he is able to put his ear up on demand (which is crazy, right?) and is my single most favorite thing about him!  It is just the cutest!  He really tells you a story about his emotions with his ears!  He is the kind of cute that people stop us on the street to talk about😊

Teddy is just the best boy.  He is so sweet and cute and eager to please we cannot stand it.  He LOVES to cuddle (with humans or dogs) and will want to be with you every minute.  For some reason he doesn’t jump on the furniture, but he has no problem telling you he wants to be on the furniture and you should pick him up and put him there!  He is a big ball of love and kisses and goofball silliness.  Pure joy.  He has been a gift for us and brought happiness and light into our home that we didn’t even know we needed.   Teddy is particularly attached to me, his foster Mom because I was the one who held him on his way home and the first to show him love – I mention that because he will likely seek out and need a “Mama” to spend a lot of quiet time just holding and cuddling him to let him know he is safe.  Teddy will be an amazing addition to any family and will always, always hold a special place in our hearts.  

If you think you might be the ideal forever home for Teddy Bear and are willing to continue to work on his potty training and be aware that he can chew things he shouldn’t and continue to work on that- have a fenced yard= please apply for him using our on line application. His adoption fee is $950 and includes his bed- harness- leash- some of his current food. He is neutered= up to date on vaccines= heart worm and stool negative= microchipped and ready to find the ideal forever home.