male - puppy
Status: adopted

CFBR heard through one of their volunteers about a breeder in Florida who was looking to rehome me when I was four-weeks old because i was blind and CFBR reached out to the breeder and convinced her to surrender me to them.  The next day two volunteers flew to Orlando, scooped me up, and took me to Chicago and to my foster family.  How cool to have my very first plane ride!  They decided to name me Spud because I looked like a little russet potato!  I was only 2lbs back then! The very next day they had me checked out by their vets who said beside my eyes I was very healthy.  Then they got me to an eye specialist, pronto.  She confirmed that I was completely blind in my right eye and could only see light and dark in my left eye.  A follow up appointment 3 months later confirmed the earlier diagnosis but said it’s likely I may see some shadows in the left eye, which I already knew of course! 

And now for the awesome part: anyone who meets me is shocked that I am 98% blind! While I am in my house (crate) I will follow you with my eyes.  When I’m out and about the house I navigate as well as my sighted foster siblings. In fact, I will drive you crazy following you everywhere, biting on your pant leg, trying to steal your socks, you get the drift, typical puppy stuff!  Usually when I get too rowdy it’s time to go into my crate to have a little quiet time. Most times I don’t mind.  

I’m working hard on my potty training but I’m not 100% there yet. I can get through the night without soiling my house, but sometimes need to go potty in the wee hours and I will let you know about it.  I will squawk a loud sound like someone is pulling one of my nails out, but what is really happening is that I have to go potty really bad.  I will go out and do my business, usually a #1 and #2 and then I’m ready to snuggle with you, or – if I must – back in my crate for some down time, you can guess which option I prefer. My foster mom says I’m a first class snuggler.  I love nothing more than to be with you.  During the day I can be found sleeping in a bed with one of my foster siblings who don’t mind at all sharing with me, which is why it would be great if there was another pup in your home I could make my friend.  

I’m working on my leash training. With it being winter it hasn’t been easy finding days that are warm enough for me to go on any long walks because I’m still little, but I navigate the back yard really well.  The cold and the snow don’t bother me at all.   

My favorite thing in the world is snoozing in your lap. My second favorite is mealtime!!  I eat with such gusto you would think I hadn’t eaten in a week! I have a slow feeder now which helps me eat my meals more slowly. My third favorite thing is chewing – on EVERYTHING!I  I have to be supervised at all times if I’m out of my crate because I will chew on your shoes, your woodwork, cardboard…….you get my drift?   That typical puppy thing again. I have learned to love my chew things like puppy Nylabones, so if I have one of those it could keep me out of trouble.  I also love my stuffy toys I have a favorite monkey I love to throw around and suck on. It helps to sooth me. 

I do have a bit of a temper.  Especially if you’re trying to take something away from me.  I can be snappy because of my lack of vision and may try to bite you.  My foster mom corrects this by squeezing me tight until I calm down.  It works every time.  Because of this, It probably wouldn’t be a good idea for me to be in a home with small children.

Because of my eye condition I will need to see an eye specialist every six months to get checked out to make sure I’m not developing glaucoma. This is a non-negotiable deal. I’d also love a home with another to be my friend and snuggle with. 

 If you think you’re ready for a crazy -fun -almost blind but you’d never know it puppy, I’m your guy!  



Are you ready for a wild and crazy pup to cuddle with and be his forever home? I am neutered  and all ready to find the perfect home- I bring with me my bed, harness, leash, some of my current food and of course, my favorite monkey! My adoption fee is $1150 and I will be a year old on 8/15/23- my foster mom said CFBR will find me the perfect forever home- I hope it could be one of you!