female - adult
Status: adopted

Re-introducing Sophie! Miss Sophie or Sophs is a tiny eight year old girl in search of her forever home. Through no fault of her own, Sophie is approaching a year in foster care. Can you help us find her a forever home?!
Sophie is a sweet, feisty lady who knows exactly what she wants. On her wish list? A home that will let her up on the furniture and even in the people bed! Sophie does not know the meaning of personal space. She prefers to be in a lap or next to a person whenever possible. She is crate trained and will sleep in her crate overnight, but she loves when she gets to sleep in the people bed and will tuck herself under the covers and settle in for the night. She is the perfect bed warmer during those cold Midwest nights!
Sophie is healthy, and a trim 18 pounds. She has none of the typical Frenchie issues with just some minor allergies and itches as the weather turns. She tolerates her foster mom wiping down her feet when they get a little pink and dances for her treat afterwards. She is up to date on her vaccines, spayed and microchipped. Sophie is crate trained and potty trained.  In fact, Sophie might be the fastest pottier in all the land! Especially when there is a chill in the air. She does her business and runs right back in the house. Sophie does not need a fenced in yard, though it is preferred. She’ll do her business on a leash if needed. And she walks well on her leash.
Sophie can be particular when it comes to other dogs in the home. She does really well with her foster Frenchie sister and she has spent a lot of time with another volunteer’s male Frenchies. Her perfect home would have either no other dogs, or a submissive male. Adopters should be prepared to follow slow intro protocols to give everyone the best chance at success. Sophie likes to play with other dogs, but she will resource guard her food, her crate, and high value toys. She redirects pretty well and she signals her unhappiness if you try to take her toy away with a little growl. Small animals and cats are a no-go.
Sophie gets fed twice a day and her food bowl and crate live in the laundry room. When it’s time to eat she does a little happy dance and runs to wait in her spot for breakfast! After everyone has eaten, foster mom picks up the bowls. Sophie can not be free fed – when there is food just sitting out she will guard it to keep it safe! Instead, she eats two square meals a day with the occasional bone or treat for a snack! And don’t be a minute late with that dinner or she’ll give you her pathetic little grumbles to signal that its meal time! While Sophie would do well in a home that is new to Frenchies, a dog-savvy family that knows to watch for her signs will serve her best.
The ideal home for Sophie will have someone who can spend quality time with her. When her foster family has to work or leave the house, she goes right into her crate. But she loves following her people around and hanging out near (or on!) them. She has a bed under her foster mom’s desk, and she hangs out in it while foster mom works from home. She is more than willing to curl up on the couch with you for the next season of Love is Blind! She’s the perfect TV companion! Because of her resource guarding, older children or a home with just adults would be best. Family members need to know how to listen for her signals and redirect Sophie if she gets possessive.
Sophie has so much love to give! She is an excellent snuggler and loves to get belly rubs! Sometimes she decides you’re not giving her enough attention so she’ll prance around in front of you until you pick her up for a hug. She is a funny little girl who will protect you from the vacuum monster and keep watch out the window for intruders (or nosy neighbors!). She doesn’t mind being held or carried around like the princess she is! Does Sophie sound like the perfect girl for you? Then fill out an application and tell us about your home!
Sophie’s adoption fee is $350- she is up to date on all of her medical care, spayed and comes with her bed, leash, harness and her current food.