male - senior
25 lbs.
Status: adopted

Age: 11 years
Sex: Male
Weight: 25.9 lbs
Cats: No
Kids: Yes, over 10 years old
Dogs: Yes, but only submissive dogs
House trained: Yes
Housing Requirement: Fenced Yard Not Required Single family home preferred

Rowdy is an 11 year old senior Frenchie that was surrendered by his previous owner who fell on hard times and was no longer able to give him the care he deserved. He has adjusted very well to his foster home, considering he had been with his previous owner since he was 8 weeks old. Rowdy will become pretty anxious in a new home environment, and takes a little while to become comfortable in new situations. He will bark and pant a lot at first, but should settle down within a few days!

Rowdy is definitely an independent dog, he is full of personality and energy, and loves to play. He has a spunky little walk too! Rowdy will compete for dominance if he feels challenged, so his ideal forever home should include only submissive dogs or have Rowdy be the only dog. He will bark at dogs on the street when he sees them, but he isn’t aggressive – just curious and excited to say hello. Rowdy, he is not good with cats.

Rowdy is pretty skittish of loud noises, and is prone to barking when he hears them (especially in a new home). He will also bark and whine at times when crated during the day (and sometimes in the very early morning), or when his foster parents leave the room without telling him (how rude!). For these reasons, a quiet, single family home with little traffic in and out is preferred. Rowdy gets very anxious during car rides, and will pant excessively in the car. He does a little better outside of his crate in the car, but long rides should still be avoided if possible.

Physically, despite being a senior Rowdy is still full of energy and pep. He has some skin irritation due to allergies, which are particularly bad on his face, and he should be discouraged from scratching too much at this area. He currently gets a cream for this, but gets a little squirmy when you put it on. Rowdy received palate surgery when he came into rescue, and can breathe so much better than before! His tongue still sometimes gets purple if he eats/drinks too quickly or goes on a walk that is too long, so his breathing should still be monitored in these situations.

Rowdy needs some assistance getting onto the couch or climbing up stairs, but usually doesn’t have a problem getting down. He’s very comfortable getting picked up and will even splay his front legs out to help you!

Rowdy is fully house trained at his current foster home. However, it took a few weeks for him to get to this point and you can expect a few accidents when he moves to a new home. If left too long in our outside of his crate, he might have an accident, but it has not been frequent in his foster home. Rowdy does pretty well on a leash, and gets very excited for short walks around the neighborhood. He loves to play with his foster parents and give them gentle hand nibbles too! He also loves to spend lots of time chewing on toys, but isn’t super destructive with them.

Rowdy is such a great dog – he enjoys the occasional snuggle, loves to get belly scratches, and is all-around a very silly guy. Rowdy’s ideal day includes spending ample time napping on the couch, some play time, and a few short walks around the neighborhood with his humans. He will thrive in a home that can give him all the attention he needs and deserves, as he has so much love to give!