male - puppy
Status: adopted

Now I know I am young and handsome but before you get all excited about possibly adopting me- there are a few important things you must know first!

I was saved from a terrible puppy mill by a good Samaritan who then reached out to our rescue to take him in. Now even though I am cute as can be- it is important to know that I am deaf! We all know Frenchies have selective hearing, but I am deaf!

My name is Rory, I am 10 months old, and you might be able to hear me, but I can’t hear you. It is important that my new home has well behaved Frenchies as I take my clues from my foster brother and sister currently-having a four-legger in my new house is needed to help guide me. I do get spooked at times and bark but just need reassurance from my people.

When I came into the rescue, I had a loose pin in my elbow from a surgery when I was super young. Since being in my foster home, I have had the pin removed and was put on crate rest to let the bone heal. I also have a slight head tilt; my doctor doesn’t know if it is from a previous trauma or due to my deafness. I am back to playing and running with a slight limp, adding to my charm.

Playing? Oh, heck ya! I love to play keep away chase and zoomies with my resident dogs. My foster mom works from home which is great. But if she leaves, I am a good boy and don’t need to be in a crate. At night, I don’t mind being in my crate. She puts a treat in around 9/9:30 and I usually sleep until 6am. When I get up, I bark until she comes to get me. Oh my do I get happy, I squeal in delight and nibble on her to show her how happy I am. I am super sweet, love to lay in laps and chill on the recliner.

My daily routine – go outside as soon as I get out of my crate (and I keep it clean – no potty accidents!)

Breakfast at 7ish and then I go do my business in the backyard. During the day I chill under my mom’s desk between playing with the resident pups. Dinner is around 5 and then more play time. My mom takes me out every 3-4 hours to help reinforce my potty training. My accidents are very seldom and can be found near the back door which means I understand but just couldn’t get out in time. After I poop, I often need a little butt cleaning when I come inside. It’s just a wipe which I don’t really like and try to avoid.

I enjoy balls, squeaky toys, bones and one of my favorite things is sitting in front of the heat vent!

I am super on car rides in my car seats, but it is important I am harnessed in my car seat and my mom says I am pretty good with nail trims. It has been cold and was on restriction after my surgery, so walks are new to me. I don’t pull and think this could be something I would enjoy daily.

Baths are not loved – having an extra person to help makes it easier when they rub my ears during the cleaning.

Even though I can’t hear, I do know how to bark and sometimes I bark looking out the window or at my reflection in the oven. Once someone gets my attention I easily resume playing. We are still working on training, and I know how to sit to get a treat.

If you have experience with Frenchie — deaf dogs no children under 8 years old — willing to be patient and work on my potty training and leash walking- then what are you waiting for — go fill out an application so I can find my perfect forever home!

I am neutered — up to date on my vaccines and vetting- micro chipped – heart worm and fecal negative and excited to find the perfect forever home. My adoption fee is $1150