Reese Witherspoon

female - puppy
20 lbs.
Status: adopted

Sex: Female
Cats: Unknown
Kids: 10+ years
Dogs: Preference will be given to a home with another Frenchie.  No large dogs!
Housetrained: Almost there!
Housing requirement: Single family home
Private Fenced-in yard: Required
Reese Witherspoon is an 20 lbs female black faced sable French Bulldog puppy. She is one of the Texarkana pups that came to CFBR in August. When she came into rescue she was very sick but with proper vetting, meds and love she is now a healthy, happy and very loving girl. She loves to play/wrestle with her two foster sisters but also enjoys her alone time to play with her toys or chew on a bone. Her other favorite pastimes are following her foster parents around to see what they are up to or snuggling up with one of her humans or foster siblings. Reese loves humans and other dogs her size.
Her forever family will need to continue to work with Reese on her socialization as she loves humans and pups. Bigger dogs with lots of energy do intimidate her as she is a little girl. Also because of her past she is still working on trusting new humans especially when being picked up. She hasn’t been exposed to any other animals as of yet but we think she would do fine if introduced slowly. Her potty training is coming along well but she is timid of stairs if there are more than 2-3 so she will go on the deck at her foster parents if no one carries her down the steps. This will be something that her forever family will need to continue to work on with her. She’s extremely smart and responds very well to positive training/reinforcement with treats, positive words and love. Currently we are working on her leash walking manners and she is doing well. When its time to eat Reese patiently waits for her food and happily goes in her crate to eat.
Reese would do well in a home that has frenchie that can keep up with her puppy energy and show her the ropes of the house. She loves her humans and is always curious what you are up to she but also loves to play with her frenchie foster sisters. As long as he gets plenty of exercise and attention she can be in her crate 3-4 hours max. Reese is such a sweet, cuddly and fun loving girl that will add so much joy and love to the perfect family.
As with all the Texarkana23 puppies, Reese had a rough, scary start in life, but has put all of this behind her and is ready for her forever family to welcome her home.