male - puppy
Status: adopted

Ray Charles is a 10 month old Boston Terrier puppy who was born blind.
His breeder chose to surrender him to rescue. He is fully vaccinated
and microchipped along with being neutered. Ray had his unformed eye
tissue removed to prevent any future injury to the tissue he couldn’t
naturally protect.

Ray’s ideal home would include a resident dog or dogs that would play
with him and be his “eyes”. A buddy that would show him around and be
his companion. A fenced yard to protect him and minimal stairs in the
home and someone who would be home with him during the day.

Ray plays very well with other dogs and is a fun-loving puppy. His
favorite game is tugging. He navigates the home perfectly and can
leap onto and off the couch. He loves to leap up and snuggle with you
there as well as with other dogs. Ray is cautious of stairs and isn’t
confident going down more than one; though he can go up a couple
confidently. He loves to be outside and does well once he knows the

Ray needs to be helped outside to go potty. He does best with a
consistent routine. Ray sleeps in a crate at night and when no one is
home for short periods of time during the day. Ray likes to follow
you around the house and will always be where you are.

Ray rides in the car in a crate and is a very relaxed passenger.

He eats twice daily and will go to his “spot” and wait for his food to
be brought to him.

Ray is so special, he needs a special family to adopt and love him
just the way he is; because Ray sees with his heart and loves his

If you feel you are the ideal forever home for Mr Ray Charles- please complete our online application. He is fully vetted and neutered as well as micro chipped. His adoption fee is $850