female - young
Status: adopted

Age: 1 year
Sex: Female
Weight: 17 lbs
Cats: Not sure
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Housetrained: Almost!
Fenced in yard: Not required but ideal


Once you meet Piper and get to know her, you will quickly see what a happy, energetic, full-of-life puppy she is. But Piper’s story didn’t begin this way. Around 11 months old, she was surrendered to CFBR by a mill owner who didn’t want her due to her cherry eye and we are thankful they reached out to us to get her medical care and find her a forever home. Her foster mom brought her home and tried to get her settled, but Piper was absolutely terrified. She walked crouched to the floor, she shook, and wouldn’t eat or drink or go the bathroom for two full days. Piper likely spent the first 11 months of her life in a crate with no socialization to people, dogs, or the outside world. When her foster mom brought her home, she didn’t know how to eat or drink out of a bowl, she wasn’t potty trained, she had no clue how to walk on a leash, and was completely petrified of the outdoors. She was scared of people and her foster Frenchie-brother, though she did quickly learn to trust her foster mom and became very attached to her. She barked, howled, and cried throughout the night in her pen beside her foster parents’ bed, until her foster mom gave in and brought her into bed with her, where Piper felt safe and slept sound from that night forward.

With time, she slowly started to trust both of her foster parents, and was introduced to their resident Frenchie who would later become her partner in crime. Eventually, she started coming out of her shell and showing her spunky, playful personality. She began to love her toys, accept treats, and had her very first “zoomie”. We started to introduce her to the outdoors and get her used to the noises. Her foster brother was a great mentor, and she’d watch as he pottied outside, walk on a leash, play with toys, eat out of a bowl, cuddle with his parents, and soon enough she was doing the same. Piper had put the past behind her, and is thriving in her new foster home.

Piper is a completely different dog today than she was when she was first rescued. Her foster mom is so proud of Piper for how far along she has come, how trusting she has become, and what a quick learner she is. There are still some things she struggles with, and her forever home will need to continue to work with her on those things. The biggest challenge has been her aggression with food. This tends to only happen with her own food, therefore she will need to be fed in a separate room away from any other dogs in the home. She used to snap at her foster brother if he even looked at her when it was time for her to be fed. Though she has made improvements and likely will continue to improve, her foster parents have not had a ton of success feeding her in the same room as another dog.

Despite her aggression with food, Piper would do well in a home with another younger dog. Not only can she continue to learn from another dog, but she likes the companionship. She is full of puppy-energy so ideally a dog that can keep up with her and doesn’t mind a little rough housing.

When it comes to potty training, she is just about there but not 100%. She’s an early riser and will let you know in the morning when it’s time to wake up and take her outside to potty by licking you. As long as she is let out every 3-4 hours she’s good, but she is still learning and still has the occasional accident in the house each day, usually on her pee pad.

She has made tremendous improvements with leash walking, and loves to be taken out on a walk. When it comes to other dogs, she does get excited and pulls on her leash to get closer to them. She does not show any aggression, she’s just very interested in saying hello. You’ll need to continue to work with her to not pull on her leash when she sees another dog.

Piper would probably not do well if left in a crate all day. Her foster mom works from home, so Piper almost always has someone home with her. Ideally, someone in her new family could be home with her during the day. Her foster parents would crate her in the beginning if they left, which she would tolerate at times, but usually would bark to be let out. She was then gated in a hallway for a period of time separated from her foster brother, but eventually figured out a way to either hop over the gate, or open it on her own. Piper now roams the house freely with her foster brother if her humans need to leave. Luckily for them, she sticks to chewing on her chew toys. She really doesn’t like being cooped up or secluded, so her forever family will need to consider this.

When Piper is secluded or unable to get to her humans or foster brother, she gets separation anxiety. This is easily resolved by allowing her to be by your side. She has always slept in her foster parents’ bed with them, so this habit may be difficult to break. Therefore Piper’s forever home ideally would share their bed with her. She doesn’t take up a lot of room but she does snore from time to time, which her foster mom finds cute and soothing.

Piper will need her forever family to continue working with her and training her on basic obedience (she currently will sit, but only for a treat!). Piper will give you unconditional love, cuddles, and the fastest wet french kisses! She will smile for you and roll over on her back for belly rubs. She is so full of life, and will romp around with her toys and make you laugh when she’s in her playful moods, and will give you the best cuddles when she’s feeling more snuggly. When you come home from being gone, whether it be a day or an hour, she will greet you like it’s been a year since she’s seen you. She may cling to one member of the family more than another (in her foster home, she was very attached to her foster mom), but is great with all people including kids. over 8 years old If you feel you are the ideal forever home for Miss Piper, please fill out an application.

Piper’s adoption fee is $950, she has been spayed- had her cherry eye fixed- micro chipped- up to date on her vaccines- tested negative for heart worm and negative for parasites. She will also come with a leash- harness- bed- blanket and some of her current food.