male - young
50 lbs.
Status: adopted

Sir Philip is a Frenchie and mini American bulldog mix that is a smart handsome sweetheart. He is on target to be about a 50 lb adult dog that’s been recently neutered. He was born approximately mid October 2017 and has been vaccinated and wormed.  He has attended puppy class to help with puppy socialization and to learn some basic obedience commands? using positive reinforcement. He is food driven and is a quick learner. In his foster home he enjoys playing with other dogs and a cat too. Philip is a sensitive soul and wants to please you. He loves being outside and just being part of the family and close to you. He thinks car rides are a fun adventure too. An ideal home would have a fenced yard with a resident dog to play with and to learn from. He’d enjoy an active family that would continue his training to help him be his best. Philip doesn’t know his strength and is still a puppy, so small children in the family under the age of 12 isn’t recommended. He is doing very well with house training with an occasional accident. He does ask to go out by waiting at the door and whining when he does need to go. He is kept in a wire crate when we leave the home as well as sleeping in it all night; but he’s mostly just part of the family. He loves his food and tends to eat very quickly! Prior to castration he was becoming protective of his food and we worked on that. He enjoys a good bone to chew on, wearing clothes and snuggling with you. Philip is a special one-of-a-kind pup that deserves everything good life has to offer him.