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Status: adopted

Say hello to Opie! This six year old Frenchie will be sure to steal your heart, and is in need of his forever home. This little guy has only been in foster care for just over one month and he will definitely be swept away at the spur of a moment, whoever brings him into their family will be incredibly lucky!
Opie is a HUGE human lover and his favorite is sitting on people’s laps (and will even fall asleep on you!) – this boy will follow you all around the house and just stare at you with his big brown eyes all day long.Although Opie is six years old, he has the energy, personality, & pazazz of a puppy! If you are looking for a little Frenchie who is already an adult, potty trained, crate trained, great with other dogs and kids, then this little guy is for you. Opie is healthy, and just under 25 pounds. He tolerates his foster mom wiping off his dirty paws after a walk, listens to commands, and sits still when his harness is being put on or taken off. When it’s time for bed, Opie will show himself to the crate with no hesitation – he’s one smart guy.
Opie is also obsessed with water to the point where he gulps it down so fast that he will purge it back out – so water needs to be given in small quantities throughout the day and the foster mom picks up the bowl and put’s it out of sight at all other times. and he can’t be left out of crate with an unlimited water supply. He will still be sure to find the water and gulp gulp gulp (hopefully this subsides over time as he learns he won’t be deprived from it��) He also needs  his water given in a raised water bowl or else he will regurgitate it and in smaller amounts at a time, new owner can continue to assess how much he can keep down at once but his foster mom still only gives him one cup at a time But he still hasn’t learned when’s “enough” so he’ll keep drinking and then he’ll regurg when it’s too much water at once but not in smaller amounts anymore, he keeps it down fine if it’s the raised bowl but just needs to assess continuously how much he can have and keep it down. We think this may be due to water be kept from him having any potty accidents or their long work hours. Dogs who had restricted water access can drink excessively due to worrying when the next time they will get water- sometimes this fear can take up to 6 months for them to get over-so his new owner will need to be patient with this process!

Opie absolutely LOVES his toys, gives an infinite amount of kisses, and the ideal home for Opie will have someone who can spend quality time with him – he’s just a love bug!

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He is up to date on all of her medical care, spayed and comes with his bed, leash, harness and his current food. Opie’s adoption fee is $600