male - young
Status: adopted

Meet Odie- he is ready for his forever home-could you be his?

If you are looking for a companion who is a lovable, fashionista, and wanting to be with you 24/7-then look no further!

Odie came into the rescue in March of 2022, he who was being passed around from one home to another and not given the care he really needed. He is 2 and a half years old and weight roughly 26 lbs. He was diagnosed with multiple congenital vertebral malformation & intervertebral disc intrusion. Unfortunately, he doesn’t qualify for surgery so in the future he may go down in the rear end and need a cart. We have had the physical therapist we work with come in and measure him-so if and when he might be ready for a cart- his measurements are already done and ready. He is restricted from going up and down the stairs. Also, no jumping on and off the couch. This can avoid further issues. The foster gives him balance exercises each day to give him more strength and balance.

Odie’s condition doesn’t stop him from being playful. Once you tell him – let’s go pee and poop or for a walk, he is ready to go go go! He will do his little happy dance waiting for you at the door. He can go on short walks for 15 minutes a day. You will notice when he begins to get tired as his left leg will begin to give up. He will probably need to be carried the rest of the walk home. He is puller and a reactive dog with humans and pets. It takes a while for him to trust, so a slow introduction to anyone new will be needed. Absolutely no rough housing because it triggers him and makes him super anxious. He will bark if he hears someone knock or ring the doorbell, so apartment life or a condo might not be ideal for him. He is very protective of his home. Odie loves keeping up with the fashion trend. Who knows his next career may be a little model someday.

Odie is kept on a set potty schedule but may have some accidents. Toys are his favorite and they may be destroyed by him. Thankfully his favorite football toy is indestructible. He may come off a bit strong at first but please be patient with him. He has gone through a hard past and it takes a while for him to be trusting. Once he does, he will give you all the love, cuddles, and roll over to get his belly loved on. He loves belly rubs and nibbling your fingers. A quick learner. He knows tricks such as high five, paw, sit, stay and catching his own treats.

Odie’s dream home would be where someone is there the majority of the time. He can be left alone for 4 hours in the crate. At first, there will be continual barking but once he settles down and gets familiar with your schedule, it will help. He loves a stable schedule and is crate trained. Be aware if you have a gate crate, he has learned to open it so it has to be a small crate to be kept in when he has no supervision. Also, he is able to open slide doors. He is one smart baby!. No children under 10 years old and to be an only dog. He will need proper potty and leash training. He has an allergic reaction to chicken so it’s best to avoid that protein. He gets 1 skin and coat treat a day. Preferably a yard where he can enjoy his time with you outside. He loves being outside but not when you aren’t there. He doesn’t believe in personal space and will follow you anywhere and everywhere.

If you think this is a perfect fit and you love a Velcro dog? Then this is definitely the one!!

Odie has been bounced around way too many times and would love to find his ideal forever home- someone with patience and understanding of his past.

He is fully vetted- neutered- up to date on vaccines and microchipped. He comes with his bed- leash- harness and his current food.

Odie’s adoption fee is $650- if you think you have room in your home and heart for this boy and understand all he has been through- have experience with IVDD in Frenchies and don’t have any other dogs and live within a 2 hour drive from Chicago- please complete our online application.