female - puppy
Status: adopted

A “Little Girl” named Noelle

Noelle, who we like to call a “little girl” is a blue  french bulldog around 11 months old and weighs about 15 pounds.  Even though she is little, she is mighty!  Noelle loves a schedule, she likes the same things happening at the same time everyday, sleep, eat, walk etc. She wakes up around 6:30am – 7am and immediately goes for a morning walk, she is a good walker, but generally likes to do what she needs to and move on.  She isn’t really interested in dogs on her walks, but just people.  She has major FOMO and loves to be where the action is at all times so is typically in a rush to get back home.

Morning eating is more difficult for her, sometimes we have to coax her with treats in her food if she doesn’t eat before lunchtime.  If she goes too long with an empty stomach she will get sick.  Nighttime eating is much easier.

Noelle LOVES to play.  Her favorites are tennis balls and a wiggly worm.

She is great with children, but sometimes needs to be reminded that frenchies going through their teething period can be mouthy that children may think they are biting them when playing (generally we redirect her to a chewing toy, bone etc.).  She usually wants to play for a good hour straight and then take a break.  Playing is a MUST at nighttime to wear her out 🙂

Noelle is a great car traveler so I could see her doing well on road trips.

She is very good about letting us know when she needs to go outside (scratching at the back door), but she does still have accidents – especially on carpet or rugs (which seems to be a favorite).

Noelle takes naps in between playing time in her bed or on the floor and on our couches.  Bedtime is around 10:30pm after a 9:30pm walk, and we generally need to wear her out before so she doesn’t get upset about going in the crate (which is definitely not her favorite and she prefers her bed, the floor or our couches).

Overall she’s a great dog and literally the cutest little thing, but does require play, LOTS of it so would recommend her for someone who is permanently working from home.

I would recommend a house with older children but caution when playing about her mouthiness.

I would recommend a house where she’s the only dog so she gets a lot of attention.

Noelle was born as a hydrocephalus puppy but fortunately has outgrown that to be a healthy little girl.

Her adoption fee is $1050 and includes her being fully vetted- micro chipped- vaccines up to date and spayed.