female - puppy
Status: adopted

Say Hello to Nicole (or Nikki). Nicole is a female puppy who got her name from the vet tech who cared for her when she was hospitalized with parvo. She had gotten sick due to a breeder not vaccinating her and the rescue stepped in and saved her. She’s all better now and is a healthy, typical frenchie puppy! We have watched her grow from a sick, skinny puppy to a healthy, happy, still growing frenchie.

She has tons and tons of energy and loves to run, play, jump, and do zoomies. She loves to play with other dogs, including her sister, and her foster brother. She can do stairs up, but needs help going down.

She’s very friendly and loves being with her people. When she finally needs a rest, she snuggles up to her people or other dogs. Nicole is good with car rides in her crate. She loves bones, but needs monitoring, because her favorite bone is probably the one another dog has.

She likes walks and going out in the backyard, but does more exploring than going potty. She’s working on potty training and will go in the backyard. She will need continued work on this and needs help focusing on the task at hand. Lots of things in the big world are new and interesting to her.

She sleeps in bed with her people and sometimes takes a while to settle, but then sleeps through the night. She spent a month in her x pen when she was sick, so she’s not a fan of being in there now and can be quite vocal about it. She is an enthusiastic eater and drinker. She uses a slow feeder and eats separately from her foster brother in her x pen.

She is such a love bug – she will love her forever family 100% almost right away!

Nikki is 9 months old. For potty training,  she will need to go out regularly in the morning, after meals, during the day, and before bedtime. She has yet to potty on a walk, so a family with a backyard would be ideal.

She is friendly with other dogs and may get too over enthusiastic playing with them. Giving her a break from the action can calm her.

Nicole is sweet and her foster brother loves being with her. A family who is home most of the time and has another young dog with a lot of energy would be good for her. She would continue to learn good habits from a sibling who knows the ropes.

Nicole is up to date on her vaccines, spayed, and microchipped. This is a rare opportunity to adopt a lovely, beautiful puppy who just deserves all the love of a forever family. Could that be you?

Her adoption fee is $1250 and she is spayed- up to date on all of her vetting- comes with her bed, leash, harness and current food.
Key points before you apply- she will need help with her potty training and trying to eat things she shouldn’t when outside- learning how to walk on a leash and share her benebones with any resident dogs. She needs a forever home that will let her sleep with you-otherwise you won’t get much sleep. Also she would prefer someone that works from home and doesn’t live in house- as she can be a noisy barker sometimes. But in return-she loves to cuddle and can bing watch tv with the best of them!