female - young
Status: adopted

That’s me! Hiiiyeee! I’m Natalie and though I be but little, I am fierce! But also fancy. And come on – GORGEOUS. And sweet. That’s why my foster Mom says I’m like peppermint – because I am super sweet with a little spice! My turn ons: treats, cuddling, (I LOVE to cuddle), sleeping, playing fetch. I’m a world class fetcher, don’t you know. Turn offs: being left out (of petting, playing, being on the couch) and the wet! I HATE the wet. My foster Mom says I behave like I am made of spun sugar when it rains – and she’s right! Blech! But, she bought me some new very fashionable sweaters and I look so good in them, I am starting to not mind the wet so much. I just love dressing up! And there are so many cute clothes for girls tiny as I am. And look, I’m just the cutest thing, so how could you not want to love on me? And that is just fine by me! My favorite place is to lay ON any human I can. Sometimes I actually lay across them so they cannot get up. I don’t know why we cannot all just lay on the couch together forever, right?

And my foster brothers agree. There is the red dog, who is just my age and TWICE as big as me, but he’s an Omega, so I tell him what’s up. He loves to play with me but sometimes I just chew on his leg and when he’s had enough he jumps up on the couch to get away. Jerk. I’m too little to jump on furniture. My other foster brother, the Alpha is NOT PLAYING. It took him a while to warm up to me, but now we are great friends as long as I know my place. I never chew on his leg, LOL. I would be great as an only dog, because my favorite is always my human, but I get along with other dogs in the right scenario. I have fit very well into my foster pack, and I don’t have any food aggression issues, but I also think I should be petted before anyone else! But come on! Ladies first, right?

When I came to CFBR, I had a large benign tumor that needed to be removed. But let me tell you, that did not slow me down and now that I am all fixed up I am fast and spry and ready to party! My foster family thinks I was potty trained exclusively on potty pads in my last life, which made training me to go outside a bit confusing. I mean, how am I supposed to know that these “area rugs” are not pee pad?!?! You humans are very complicated. But with patience and strict training I am about 80% potty trained to go outdoors. I am very, very smart and I follow directions very well if I do say so myself. I also am completely crate trained. One thing I hope you will understand is that after my tumor, I have a bit of a problem with leaking a little bit of pee. It’s SO embarrassing. But I have been on a medication which helps a lot, and so now it’s barely noticeable.

My ideal house would be someone who treats me like the baby that I am! I love to be with my humans, go for walks, and just cuddle. I am a very good girl and eager to please. I am still very young and tend to use my mouth to let you know that I want you to pet me or when I want something. I am working on that and doing VERY well, but this could be an issue for young children.

If you think you might have a place in your heart and home and you need a resident. Natalie has seen the vet about her leaking urine on occasion and there is no medical reason for it- we tried several medications to see if it would help her any to no avail, but she is willing to wear a diaper if she is leaking often.

Natalie’s ideal forever family would be an older couple that would spoil and love on her with no other pets-she really does love people more than other dogs to be honest and children over 12 as she is tiny and though she looks tough- we think the princess is a bit fragile in her smallness.

Nataile does great with some dogs but not all- more laid back males are her favorite kind of frenchies to cuddle and play with. She is going to be 3 years old in June of 2022 and was dumped and found as a stray-she is hoping her forever home won’t dumb her when she leaks urine from time to time. Her adoption fee is $950 and is up to date on her vetting-spayed and micro chipped and would love to find a forever home that will spoil her as much as her foster family has-as she has a lot of love to give and oh- she doesn’t mind being dressed up, I mean after all- she thinks she is a princess! Application can be found on our website.