male - young
33 lbs.
Status: adopted

Hi there! My name is Monty and I would say I am dream come true! Keep reading to see if I would be a good fit for you 🙂

I am a big boy clocking in at 33lbs. I am extremely gentle and well mannered, but I get very excited when its play time and don’t really care what I slide into or how my size impacts my strength. As such, a home with children 10 or over would be best. Also, if you have big fragile vases on the ground or anything breakable within my reach (walking or jumping reach) you will want to make sure I do not have access to areas where those things are displayed.

I also get sad and cry when I’m left completely alone, so my ideal forever home is going to be one that has a resident dog that has a similar high energy level as mine (preferably a male). I must be crated when you leave the house, as well, since I do tend to get into things even when my foster humans are home – so I will definitely get into some mischief if left out. I do well in my crate when you leave, but I do whine a little at first.

Speaking of accidents, I’ve only had a couple in my foster home. If I stick to a very strict schedule of getting walks 3X a day, I am accident free! I like to go out in the morning, after I eat my brunch and then again after I eat my dinner. I do like to pull on the leash, so fair warning, I’m a pretty strong guy even when I’m not trying very hard.


My preferred method of playtime is to try and disarm my canine companion’s legs by softly nipping or butting my head between their legs. Sometimes I like tug of war with my foster sister, but I do need to be redirected away from nipping her legs and back to the tug of war game at times. Call me easily distracted! Oh, and I love a big strong bone (Lumabone or Nylabone – no rawhide!) to gnaw on while being supervised, especially in the morning but sometimes throughout the day, as well.

My paws are big but my footsteps are very quiet, so my forever family is going to have to be careful when they’re moving around the house – whether that’s cooking, getting ready to go somewhere, etc – I tend to show up unexpectedly because my steps are so quiet. Please don’t trip on me or open the front door without checking where I am first because more than likely, I’m right behind you!

I also like to sleep in my crate, and that also prevents me from having any accidents overnight since I do not go potty in my crate. I also absolutely LOVE sleeping in the bed, but my foster family allowed that one time and the next day I cried when I was put in my crate at night for about 10 mins before I settled again. Since then, I only whine for a couple of mins and then I go to sleep. I’d prefer to sleep in your room with you, even if I am in my crate, and I sleep through the night for the most part. Sometimes I get up for some late night paw licking, but as long as my human comes over, gets my attention and gently tells me to stop, I will.
Speaking of crate preferences… my foster family has had to change sizes a couple of times to see what I like best. I am happiest in a crate that is 30L – 21W – 24H, and I like a few layers of cushy blankets (not a bed in the crate) in there for padding. I do like having a couple of dog bed options for daytime naps throughout the house.

Something we haven’t covered yet is that I am extremely affectionate. If you’re sitting on the couch, I’m likely sitting with you (unless I’m playing or using my bone, of course). I love belly rubs the most, but I never got a pet that I didn’t like! Please feel free to take as much time out of your day as you possible can to come over and give me a hug, a belly rub or a little head and shoulder massage. It’s my favorite.

Finally, I came from a backyard breeder who dumped me alone by a river and a highway. Thankfully I was found and brought into shelter from where Chicago French Bulldog Rescue came to save the day and get me to this place where I am now adoptable!
Monty is 1 year and 9 months old and up to date on all of his vetting, neutered and microchipped. His adoption fee is $$1000. If you feel like you are the ideal forever home for Monty based on the details in his bio above, please submit an application. Please remember we are a small regional rescue who only adopts to those who live within a 90 minute drive from Chicago.