male - young
Status: adopted

Moj,Mohito,Mojes, Emoji, Mojilicious, JoMo, Moj Moj, Baby. I have many names. Because my foster Mom is like that. But really, I’m Mojo – which is a perfect name because it means “magic!” My foster Mom tells me that I’m magic because I’m pretty special, but I just feel super lucky every day! I am just SO HAPPY to feel good and be around other dogs and people! I LOVE people and my foster Mom tells me I am the sweetest, silliest, happiest guy ever! I get so excited that I hop like a bunny, and it has become my trademark move. Everyone knows I’m coming with my bunny hop a mile away! And everyone is so nice to me given all that I’ve been through and that I am such a great success story for our rescue who has stolen everyone’s hearts! My foster Mom says we are looking for the most perfect home for me and so I’m doing my part too! Every person who comes over I put on my charm and follow them around in case they want to take me home, but my Mom says I have to wait for the perfect fit!

I was born in South Korea in a puppy mill and sold at a pet store there and bought by someone and when I got really sick, that person surrendered me to a wonderful rescue that was based out of the American  Military base in South Korea.. Sadly, I was not born into the best conditions and to make matters worse, I was really pretty sick. I had tummy troubles and everyone kept looking at me with really sad eyes. It made me nervous, but for some reason I knew everything would be OK! THe wonderful foster home for this rescue in S. Korea took me home to try to help me. They were so loving and really taught me how great people can be! But they did not have the medical technology to help me, so they reached out to CFBR for help and then. . .I went on a PLANE for a LOOOOOONG time and ended up here! In the best place in the world where people love me and pet me and feed me and I love ALLL of them!

As soon as I landed here in the US the effort started to figure out how to get me well, which meant a lot of doctors and shots and tests and medicine (yuck!) but also. . .lots of love! Every one of my vets and everyone who would meet me would marvel at how happy and sweet I was even though I felt bad – but I was like, this is such a great life that I don’t mind a little bellyache! It’s good that I had that attitude because it took a long time to figure it out. It took just the perfect veterinarian and just the perfect foster Mom, but guess what? THEY FIGURED IT OUT! And now I have a COMPLETELY CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH! You heard it right! I am PERFECT (well, I was really perfect before) but now as long as I stay on my diet I will never have to deal with that ickyness again! YAY! And NOW I get to be a regular dog with other regular dogs and regular people and I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

So. . .on to the good stuff! First off, I got to spend a lot of time living with the CFBR Grand Poobah Director (lame people call her Mary) who trained me like a champ! I am so, so smart. I can even speak English (kind of) but I’m so good at following commands and learning new things you will think I do! My foster Mom says that I am the BEST potty trained dog she has ever had (don’t tell my foster brothers, but they are BAD at it). I have NEVER had an accident in the house, I run to the door and let you know when I have to go out and I can even go on command which is super handy on cold walks! See? Perfectly PERFECT! I am completely crate trained – will run into the crate at night, and I never complain being in my crate either. But I don’t even need to be because I don’t have accidents or destroy things in the house. My foster brothers. . .not so much. So now THEY are in the crates and I am in the bed outside of the crate next to my foster parent’s bed! I also am a champion fetcher – ohhhhh I just LOVE to fetch! I especially love my squirrel on a vespa toy! I mean, how could you not? And the best part. . .cuddling. I am the BEST cuddler (I can provide references upon request). I just want to be on my human, or with other dogs (or in the bed) but it’s fine if you’re not into that.

I just turned 3 this past May, but you know what – I spent most of my puppy years in modified isolation, so now that I am well and out and about I am making up for lost time! Just like younger puppies, I am discovering the world by putting EVERYTHING in my mouth and I am learning for the first time how to socialize with other dogs who, guess what – I LOVE other dogs so SO much, but I am still learning how to take something called “social cues” from them so sometimes they get irritated with how EXCITED I am to play with them. They need to remember that I’m still in my puppy stage, but I’m fully grown and strong, so sometimes that is hard. Additionally, I am still mouthing so I should not be around kids until I grow out of it.

Do you think maybe I could bring some good mojo into your home?!?! Get it? I am so, so anxious for my own forever family! I promise I will be the best boy I can be in my very own home and I promise, the love you get from me will be 100x what you put in. I can do it. It’s magic.

Mojo’s health conditions: Mojo suffered from a severe irritable bowel condition, which was cured through a series of diet change, medications and eventually chemotherapy. Importantly, he is cured there is no expectation that this condition will return. That said, it is important to keep him on his specific diet (prescription kibble food). Mojo also has a very mild issue where he sometimes leaks a small amount of urine if he has to defecate. He is on a pill twice a day to help this condition. Other than that, he is, as billed, absolutely perfect.

Mojo’s perfect family: Mojo will need a family who is committed to maintaining his diet and continue his training. It would also be preferrable if the family is near or would be willing to see the veterinarian who cured him at in University Park, IL. No children under the age of 12 given his mouthing issues. Mojo would prefer to have another dog in the house who was young, assertive and playful. Mojo is just exercising the mobility in his legs – just learning to climb stairs and can get stiff in his hips so it will be important to encourage him to continue these activities and help him with some stretching exercises.

A note from Mojo’s foster family: Mojo is an absolute gift. He really is. He is just so grateful to be alive and safe and his joy exudes from him every second. We have two older Frenchies who are older and more couch potato-y, and Mojo can get of their nerves, but he gets along famously with a 3 year old tiny girl terrier who is super bossy and loves to play hard. When we say he is perfect – he really is. Young, healthy, so fun, so handsome. Anyone who adopts Mojo will have won the lottery. Any concerns over past health problems should be minimal as he is perfectly healthy and CFBR is dedicated to full transparency and honesty regarding health issues. We absolutely adore him and he has truly won a forever place in our – and everyone else’s – hearts.

I fully vetted and healthy now, I come with a bed, harness, leash and some of my current prescription food, I am microchipped, current on vaccines, HW negative and current on preventatives and ready to find the perfect forever home. My adoption fee is $900-what are you waiting for- put in an application for me!