female - young
Status: adopted

Meet Madge! She is a stunning brindle puppy mill mama that was relinquished to CFBR because she was not an attentive mom to her pups. She JUST turned three last month. She does not appear to have any allergies-what?? Yes you heard me correctly! She was spayed and had palate surgery A little over a week ago and will have her stitches taken out on Monday.

Miss Madge needs to be an only dog. She can be in the presence of other dogs outside and in public as long as the other dogs are not vying for attention. Madge should go to a home with Frenchie experience because she likes to monopolize the limelight. She will react if another dog starts a squabble, or if another dog tries to mooch in on a love fest with her humans, but she does not go after dogs for no reason.

Adoption fee: $750

Magnificent Madge is a super loving dog and will bask in your mere existence. She needs owners will be calm and assertive with her so she doesn’t turn into a diva the likes of Mariah Carey 😳. She is very smart and is responsive to correction, especially when it is followed with love and praise. I have been working with her on sitting in lieu of jumping up and on hand signals to tell her when to chill.

She is a fairly active dog and likes to play with humans, but believes other dogs are a waste of oxygen.

Madge is not a dog that would be at all happy left alone all day. She needs a family that has varied schedules so that someone is home every 3-4 hours.

Madge does not have any medical issues. She is not overly fond of kibble, so whomever adopts her should either keep her on a raw diet or plan on mixing goodies in with her kibble at the very least. She likes me to hand feed her and I acquiesced initially just so she would eat. Now I simply give her pets, talk sweetly to her and give her her first few bites. She then starts eating on her own.

Madge walks well on a leash with will expect every human being that passes her to pay attention to her and pet her because that is just how it should be, lol. Madge rides well in a car. Initially she gets nervous, but is improving with every ride.

I almost forgot to mention that she is 26 lbs and is doing well with her potty training.

Because of her activity level we would prefer

to go to a single family home in lieu of an apartment. A fenced yard would be awesome for her, but if you are committed to leash walking she would be ok without a fence.

Madge has done very well meeting children in public thus far, however she would be best in a home with children over 10.

Madge is 3 years old and her adoption fee is $750= she is spayed and had palate surgery- dental- up to date on vaccines- heart worm and fecal negative- comes with leash- bed-collar- harness and some of her current food.