Luke Skywalker

male - puppy
Status: adopted


Must haves:

  • An energetic, active household with a well adjusted playful canine companion.
  • A secure, fenced-in yard.
  • Children over 8 as he is still going through the mouthy frenchie period.
  • Someone who works from home
  • Willing to be patient and work on his housetraining.
  • Apartment or condo would not work for him due to his being vocal when left alone and when he plays.

Luke is AMAZING. This little guy is full of personality. He is confident, happy, playful, energetic, very clever, determined, and incredibly snuggly. He does not like to be alone for too long and prefers to be touching his humans or furry sibling at all times. He is very social and ideally should be in an active home with at least one other playful dog. He likes to go on walks and enjoys sniffing around the neighborhood to keep things interesting.  A family who is willing to take Luke on walks in addition to playing in the yard is important for him. He gets so excited when the leash comes out!

We have also played around with some home agility activities for Luke. Being as clever as he is, he has enjoyed this, so this could be something else to keep him sharp and happy in his new home.

In addition to teaching Luke Skywalker the ways of the force, a tolerant non puppy dog brother/sister in the house will contribute to Luke’s health and happiness. Luke initiates and engages in play several times a day with his foster brother, wrestling, running, nibbling, which provides him extra exercise and fun. A nice nap usually follows.

Luke is not fond of being crated. He will tolerate it for short bursts during the day until he is fully house trained. He is comforted by having someone he can be with and I think he is the kind of dog that needs someone at home during the day. Not all day long, but it is ideal for someone in his new family to be home most of the day.

At night, Luke’s preferred sleeping spot is curled right up next to his favored human. I’m so honored I got to be this person, as I am his main caregiver. He usually starts out tucked in the bend of a knee and then makes his way up to the pillow, curled around my head. It’s heaven.

He has made huge progress potty training but still needs a family willing to work with him on this and understand that there may still be a few #2 accidents. He always waits in the morning to go out but we’ve become better tuned in to his schedule so accidents are slowing down. If he isn’t taken out immediately after breakfast, he will find a secret spot to do his business.

Luke will bring so much love to his new home. He has brought so much to ours and he will have a special place in our family’s hearts forever.

Luke’s adoption fee is $950 which includes him being neutered- heart worm negative-stools negative- vaccines current- micro chipped- bed- leash and harness along with some of his current food.

If you are interested in adopting Luke and you feel you fit his profile in every way- please complete our on line application.