Lucy and Coco

female - adult
Status: adopted

Age- 6 1/2 years young
housebroken- yes
fenced yard would be ideal for them but no required- applications with a fenced yard will take priority though
children- 10 and older
Cats- no way

Lucy and Coco are a couple of sweet six and a half year old females that came to us as an owner surrender, their owner loved them very much but between a recent divorce and his work requiring him to take a lot of trips out of the country-he wanted what was best for both of these girls- he did ask that we keep them together and they are very bonded with each other. They play great together – wrestling with or without toys, and occasionally getting the zoomies and chasing each other across the house. They sleep together and give each other kisses all the time.

They both love to cuddle – sleeping on top of their humans is their favorite.

They are crate trained, but once settled in, can be left out without causing any trouble.

They are somewhat high energy for their age, particularly if company comes over. They get very excited and want all of the guests’ attention. Because they can get a little overzealous with their affection, we recommend no children under the age of 10.

They came to us without much socialization, so walks can be a little challenging. Coco has anxiety when passing other dogs on the street and will bark if they get too close. Lucy has anxiety if you stop to talk to someone on the walk and will grab and pull on her leash. Both have shown noticeable improvement during their time as fosters but will need continued training. Walking them separately or with two people helps them focus, as do treat rewards for good behavior. They both want to play very badly, and their foster thinks more play time with other dogs and pets from other humans will greatly help them settle down in social situations.

Lucy and Coco would do best in a home with at least two people. They need lots of love and attention, so it would be best if someone were around for the first 4 or 5 days to make them feel safe and comfortable in their new home. Socialization work will need to continue, but we have no doubts that they’ll continue to improve with discipline, patience, and care.

Though they haven’t had a chance to cohabitate with another dog, they will likely do well as long as the dog isn’t aggressive. Having another dog around that is socialized would likely help them in that area as well. Show ‘em the ropes!

These two are a very sweet and goofy pair that will fill their forever home with lots of cuddles, love, and those trademark Frenchie shenanigans.

Lucy and Coco will only be adopted as a bonded pair and not be separated as we promised their owner. They both have had a dental recently and Lucy had palate surgery by one of our vets- both are spayed and heart worm and fecal negative- all shots are current and are microchipped- they come with their current food- leashes- harnesses and beds and toys. If you feel you are the ideal home to welcome these two playful sisters as a bonded pair- please apply on our website. Their adoption fee is $800 for the pair.