male - adult
Status: adopted

Louka was surrendered to CFBR along with his sister by a loving family that could no longer take care of him. He is 6 years young and just over 20lbs. Louka plays really well with others, dogs and kids alike. He gets along beautifully with his current foster sister, a medium sized, female dog. They love to share the same dog bed during an afternoon nap. It’s the sweetest! He is enthusiastic about balls: tennis balls, soccer balls, bouncy balls, beach balls. He can’t get enough of chasing any ball around the yard and prefers to play with his balls alone- he’s not really into fetching them. He loves water! Interestingly though, he is not a fan of the rain.

Louka really is the best of both worlds! He plays like a champ and is so silly and entertaining, but he also snuggles and cuddles like a superstar. He is so loving and will give you kisses for days! He will also give the occasional nose nibble, which his current fosters describe as his most enthusiastic pooch smooch. It’s the best! He is totally crate trained and sleeps very well in his crate at night. He is house trained but needs to go out to pee every few hours since he is a smaller boy. It’s also a good idea to take him out shortly after each meal. He walks well on a leash and has no problem going to the bathroom while on walks.

Louka does have some allergies and dietary restrictions. He also is prone to regurgitating food if not fed properly. He is currently on a prescription ZD kibble and canned food which he has reacted well to! He seems to do best with three smaller meals each day, and it’s best to pick him up and “burp” him after each meal. Think of it as extra special one on one time with him- he loves being picked up and carried around for a bit each day too. He reacts similarly when he drinks too much water, but it is important that he stays hydrated-if he seems to be drinking too much or too fast- give him a break from his water bowl.

Louka also has chronic dry eyes and needs eye drops each day as well as eye lubricants twice a day and is wonderful about letting you put them in his eyes.

Louka sounds like a delicate flower but is the whole package that will steal your heart quickly and has so much love to give and will have you giggling all days with his antics. He is super sweet and cuddly, easy going, a total goofball character and can make you laugh till you cry. He may sound like a lot of maintenance but if you own a frenchie- which one isn’t honestly!

Louka is up to date on all of his vetting, neutered, palate done, microchipped and comes with some of his current food, bed, harness, leash and looking for the right home to call his forever and steal your hearts with all the love he has to offer.

His adoption fee is $600 and looking to steal hearts with the right applicant.