female - young
Status: adopted

Lilly is a sweet, adorable, beautiful and playful brindle girl around 4 1 /2 years old. She has a great, laid back, “go with the flow” personality. She is perfect with other dogs and is adorable how she tries to get them to play with her. She follows her foster brother and sister everywhere and just loves being part of the pack!! She is a quick learner and has learned to go up and down stairs very well!! She is 90% potty trained. She will go potty outside the majority of the time and is pretty consistent but tries to avoid going out in the rain. She likes to play with toys and play fetch. She has become quite a toy hoarder. She enjoys going on walks and does beautiful on a leash. We have been trying to build up her endurance. She can now make it all the way around our subdivision which is about 9 blocks. She has a very cute little strut and run. She is very curious and likes exploring around the house. When she hears a strange sound she lets out a very cute bark, she’s a great watchdog!! She is great with people. She will give tushy wiggles when you greet her. She is a lover and gives lots of kisses. It’s almost like she is trying to say “thank you for giving me this new life!!” She loves attention and will come up to you all the time for love and rubs. She loves getting belly rubs and rubs under her neck and behind her ears. She will lift her paw to ask for more rubs. She is great with getting her nails trimmed or having medicine applied. She is 100% potty trained and prefers home with other dog or dogs. She is an incredible dog and will make any person or family fall immediately in love with her!!!