female - adult
Status: adopted

If you’ve been searching for your holiday sweet potato, look no further. Meet Libbie. She may like pumpkin, but she is all potato. And who doesn’t like potatoes?! So versatile!


Libbie is a five-year-old breeder surrender, and she is as affectionate as she is motherly. This French fry would make a great addition to any family. Libbie loves people, and although she has not spent a lot of time around children, this tater tot is very gentle and good-natured.


If you’re up for mashed potatoes, Libbie gets along well with other dogs, and she will probably keep other pups in line with her stern eye and maternal instincts. If you don’t have kids or other pets, do not fear. Libbie would love a home all to herself where she is the center potato casserole of your attention.


If you enjoy a baked potato, Libbie loooooves cuddling, and she’ll keep you toasty warm this winter. She would do well with someone who does not work or works remote because she does not like being left alone for long periods of time (she will howl or stir up some mischief!). Like most Frenchies, she prefers to stay near her human(s). In fact, she’ll likely snuggle up next to you while you’re working and won’t make a peep for hours (not a big barker!). When she’s not napping, she enjoys playing with tough chew toys (stuffed toys won’t last long!), and she may resource guard her favorite bone. Libbie also loves a car ride (buckled up, of course!), and she does well, usually laying down after awhile. At night, she would benefit from sleeping in or near the owner’s bedroom.

When Libbie came to us, she still had last year’s winter weight. She loves being outside, so her foster parents have been taking her on short walks twice a day. They’ve whipped this potato into shape – she’s already down five pounds – but she could still stand to shed a few more. Libbie can do stairs, but occasionally has trouble hopping up on a couch. She is potty-trained but, if there are other pets, she may mark her territory on occasion.

Libbie is fully vetted and up to date on her heartworm and flea/tick treatment. She recently had surgery to correct her nares and palate, as well as a spay, and she’s bounced back nicely. Libbie is ready for her furever home. You won’t regret indulging this potato pancake!

 So a quick synopsis of Libbie- 5 years old, mill momma, healthy- would be happy as an only dog but can be bossy with other dogs and resource guard some items. Would do ok with older children. Would prefer someone who works from home and is a homebody who would love to have someone to cuddle up with a watch tv and quietly sit and watch your while you work from home.

She is up to date on all her medical care- spayed, palate and nare surgery done- microchipped. comes with her bed, leash, harness and some of her current food. Adoption fee is $750- what are you waiting for- put an application in for this sweet girl now!