Lady Gaga (AKA GG)

female - puppy
Status: adopted

Required– No children under the age of 10 years old
A fenced in yard is preferred
Someone who works from home

Allow us to introduce our foster puppy, Lady Gaga aka GG.  GG is a black masked fawn and was one of 23 puppies rescued in Texarkana, AK and brought to the Chicago area with Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. More details on the puppies’ ordeal can be found online by searching ‘Texarkana 23’.  We have been GG’s foster family for about 3 1/2 months.

When GG arrived in our care she weighed about 13# and was estimated to be about 4 months old. She was being treated for parasites.  In spite of her health challenges she has been a sweet and spunky Frenchie from day 1. Her intestinal system has improved significantly but still has a little way to go.  She tested positive for Giardia at the beginning of October,  She was spayed in November and ready to find her forever home.

GG has a remarkable personality. She is very smart and is quick to go exploring when she escapes her confines.  She often found ways to get out of or move around her X-pen to suit her needs.  She has been fostered with a male puppy and despite being smaller is often an instigator of play and can certainly hold her own when they wrestle.  She will search for shoes and other things on the ground to play with then happily jump up on the couch to quietly chew them.  She loves being cuddled and will jump up on the couch and lay on her back seeking affection.  When it is time to be put in her crate when we have to leave she will often run to the couch for a few more seconds of loving before being left alone.  She is always on the lookout for squirrels when outside.  She is generally friendly towards other dogs although has had limited exposure due to both her health challenges and the realities of her foster parents having two pups to care for.

GG began eating  Fromm Puppy with some added Firm Up pumpkin.  She has steadily gained weight and is about 19# at the moment but will be on the smaller side for Frenchies.  She eats well now and is generally in very good health.  Her biggest health challenge has been her stomach issues.  She has struggled with diarrhea and loose stools during her time in our care.  The stools have improved slowly with the transition to Fromm and although they are still not great.  When younger she would frequently have accidents during the night but those have been almost completely eliminated as she has been on a more regular schedule and has matured.  Our schedule has allowed her to take regular potty breaks and she rarely has accidents in the house.  She began chewing the potty pads pretty soon after we got her so those did not help in training.  We have a large plastic pan (made for washing machine) which we keep in an accessible place and she will use that on occasion for bathroom breaks.  She drinks a lot of water but has been able to hold her potty during the night and for 5-6 hours easily during the daytime.  She usually chooses to go #2 in the same area of the lawn each day and will often not go #2 on walks but will go right away when back in her usual spot.  She has improved significantly during her time with us and we would expect her to continue to improve as she matures.

As for things to be aware of, GG is quick to pick up things on the ground and will chew almost anything if given the chance.  She loves nylabones and chew toys but even having an abundance of them around will not prevent her from trying to chew on a shoe, zipper, wood molding, wooden chair etc.  She still has a lot of puppy energy and is learning how to stay down, sit, stay etc.  but has not mastered any of them.  The more socialization she can have with other dogs the better.  She often plays rough with her foster brother so that is what she knows about playing.

Our schedule with the pups is a quick run outside to go #1 then breakfast (about 1 cup Puppy Fromm and 1 tsp Firm Up pumpkin) around 6:00ish.  After breakfast another trip out for #2 then playtime.  Some quiet crate time for a few hours then a play break and more quiet time depending on our day.  GG will usually go #2 once or twice more during the day sometimes.  Dinner is the same meal around 5:00ish.  We have a yard so the pups head outside whenever they are let out of their crate, even if it has only been a short time.  GG should go #2 sometime in the evening before bed to prevent any accidents during the night.  Our schedule is such that they go out pretty regularly but we have no doubt that she can adapt to the needs of a forever home as long as it is consistent, especially while she is young.  It is not uncommon for GG to go #2 four/five times a day and the more often she goes the looser the stool will be.

GG will be an amazing dog for a forever family.  She will love to play, cuddle, and be a part of the family.  She will melt your heart with her sweet looks and personality and will provide you with unlimited love and devotion.   We have loved taking her on the first part of her journey to a new life and are excited as she moves on to her next phase.

She is spayed- micro chipped- up to date on all of her shots and ready to find her forever home. Adoption fee is $950