male - young
Status: adopted

Koby is 3 years old and almost 34lbs. He is a very sweet and loving boy. His surrendering owner said he does not get along well with other dogs, and while he hasn’t been in close contact with dogs while in his foster home, we can say with certainty that he gets excited when seeing dogs outside, but doesn’t display extreme aggressive behavior. More like “Come play with me!” Koby also gets VERY excited when he gets visitors at his foster home. He’s been around people of all ages, including kids as young as 3 years old, and he is very friendly but rambunctious, so we feel any children in his adopting home no should be 8 or older. His foster parents have to help him remember not to jump or constantly bark at visitors, delivery people or the neighbors. While he does love walks, he often excitiedly barks and tries to chase people and dogs.With consistent training, we believe Koby will be calmer in these situations – there’s already been improvement.  We’ve found once he calms down, he likes to sit next to his visitors, show them his toy and ask for pets and cuddles.

Koby is fully potty-trained; he’s not had one accident while in his foster home. His foster parents take him out every couple of hours on a leash, and he goes to the bathroom quickly. Koby is also crate-trained; when his foster parents are gone for more than an hour, they ask him to go in his crate and he does…with very little hesistation. At nightime, he sleeps in his bed, in his foster parents’ bedroom. Koby tried to sneak into his foster parents’ bed a few times, and did listen when he was directed back to his bed. Koby has very good table manners; he doesn’t beg for people-food or attention while others are eating, and is patient while waiting for his own food to be prepared and given to him. He also loves going for car rides! Koby lays very calmly while in the car, unless he sees another dog and/or people out the window, then he gets VERY excited so it is advised any time in the car, he is safely in a crate. His foster parents gently direct him to lay down and he does listen but sometimes will need a couple reminders. Again, we think with consistent training, Koby will calm down in these situations.

Koby was surrendered by his owner to our rescue because he got a bone stuck in his throat and needed surgery to remove it, which she couldn’t afford, so the er called our rescue asking if we would let the owner surrender him to us and we agreed and he went straight into surgery. While doing the surgery, he was also neutered and microchipped. Koby is fully recovered and up to date on all his vaccines. The vet reports no other health issues with Koby. He eats regular, dry dog food and comes with his bed, harness, leash and toys.

We feel Koby’s ideal forever home would be one with no other dogs and preferably in a home that isn’t in a neighborhood with a lot of other dogs. Also any children should be 8 and older in his adopting home. Koby’s adoption fee is $950- if you think you are the ideal forever home for him- please submit an application-he is excited to find his forever home now!