Kelly Belly

female - young
Status: adopted

Kelly Belly: Birthdate- 6/29/22

Miss Kelly is a rescued mill momma and can be a shy little lady, but with slow introductions she will blossom further into the beautiful flower that she is. Some might mistake her enthusiasm for excitement, when in fact her foster family believes she has lingering anxiety. She may benefit from a yard, and will appreciate slow explorations and someone who is willing to be patient with her as the great big world is still a little scary for her. With the weather cooling off her foster parents have been trying small walks and she pancakes even on their quiet street. But she’s fine in the yard!

She loves toy and is hilarious as she will pull many of the toys out of the toy bin over the course of a few hours. She is very enthusiastic about all people and is a little slower to warm up to her fellow canines. Once she warms up, she plays enthusiastically and sometimes barks to try to initiate play. She has been great with her canine foster sisters, a french bulldog her age and a greyhound. She is great with children over the age of 12!

She is a quiet little girl, and sleeps well in her crate at night. She also crates well during the day when needed. She goes up stairs quite well, but is still learning how to safely go down them. She may need additional help from her new family with this. Kelly is a dream in the car- she is quiet, and often drifts quickly off for a little snooze until she arrives at her destination.

Like many mill dogs who came before her with very little care or vetting in life, little Kelly came into rescue with some bad teeth, and lost 11 teeth during her surgery. In order to keep her remaining teeth healthy, she will need dedicated, regular teeth brushing. A typical frenchie, Kelly suffers from light allergies and may need an occasional foot soak, face fold cleaning, and cytopoint shot. A little vaseline on her cute little button nose will help keep her nose recovering from lack of moisture.

Kelly is a little love bug. She loves head scritches and generous belly rubs, and will often roll over as you approach her to give you her belly some loving. She has THE cutest cheesy toofy smile that anyone would fall in love with. Training has been going well in her foster home. She knows “touch” and loves cuddles and food praise so much that other commands should be trainable. Kelly can be very enthusiastic when asking for love and will sometimes give you a playful little swat for more attention. It is absolutely adorable!

A brief recap:

-Kelly is 90% potty trained- you just have to pay attention to her cues

-Yard preferred- will need work on leash walking

-Great with different sized dogs and children over the age of 12!

-Now that she’s feeling better she may be a little mischievous! (Like steal a sock or something rope-LIKE instead of a toy)

Kelly may need slow intros + adjustment time and would benefit from continuing her training and such. Even if her foster parents already think she’s perfect as she is (they might be a little biased), they think she will be moldable in her future home.

Kelly is fully vetted- spayed- had a dental as well as palate surgery, current on her Heartworm and flea/tick preventative- comes with her bed, harness, leash and some of her current food and is microchipped- her adoption fee is $1150 and hopes you may be her prefect forever home and apply to adopt her.