female - young
25 lbs.
Status: adopted

Hi, I’m Jolene aka Jojo. I am 25 lbs of pure love and joy. I turn 2 at the end of July and I’m full of puppy energy. I have the sweetest personality and cutest little face. I had a lot of nerves and some yucky stomach infections when I first met my foster family which gave me some tummy issues. When the nice vet gave me special food and medicine I felt much better! I quickly learned that I can only eat my diet food otherwise my tummy hurts real bad and I have accidents in the house! My diet is science diet gi prescription food that I get through Chewy with my vet’s authorization and I need to stay on that diet strictly.

I am about 90% potty trained but I’m still learning how to tell my foster family when I need to go potty. I need a family that can consistently take me out to do my business at scheduled times. My current foster family works from home so they are able to let me out to do my business a few times during the day. However, on days when they go to the office, I can make it through the day in my crate, but have to go right away when they come home! I may not eat for the first few days in my new home till I feel safe and comfortable.

I hope I find a family that is patient with me because when I first come to my new home I might be nervous and wake up at the wee hours of the night and have to go #1 and #2, I usually make a loud crying noise when that happens. For now, I love sleeping in my crate around 7-8 hours with a blanket over the top.

I feel safe in my crate and always find myself laying in it throughout the day rather than anywhere else. Even if my foster parents are home they leave my crate open for me so I can go snuggle in my bed or chew my favorite toy. 

My foster siblings have shown me all the ins and outs of my foster home. It was very helpful for me to learn from them so I would love a family that has other canine friends! I also enjoy the tiny humans because they give me lots of snuggles and kisses. I love to eat so I have to make sure I’m only eating from my bowl and not my foster siblings because sometimes I can be a little sneaky and eat their food. I have been on a few walks and really enjoy them, but I’m still learning how to walk on a leash. 

When I visit that nice vet, I have to go in the car and I don’t mind it at all! I lay in my car seat, and usually take a nap. Sometimes I stand to look out the window but not often. I really enjoy running around and playing all the time with quick naps in between. I like that my foster home has a fenced yard so I can run and play all over the yard! My favorite toy is a chew toy and that keeps me entertained for a long time.

I’m known to be a love bug and wanting touches all the time so hopefully my new family can give me lots of attention! My foster family describes me as “the perfect dog” and they know a family will be so lucky to let me join their bunch. I can’t wait to meet my forever family so I can play and snuggle for the rest of my life!

Jolene is up to date on her vaccines and heartworm preventative- she comes with a bed- leash-harness and some of her current food and is microchipped. Her adoption fee is $800.